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November 22nd 2015
Published: November 22nd 2015
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Melbourne Cup Melbourne Cup Melbourne Cup

Living the high life!
So we are 3 weeks into our trip! It has gone so fast but at the same time I feel like I have been out here for ages - perhaps because we have done so much already. So far I have had a near death experience and broken 2 pairs of sunglasses. I have only had one case of sunburn though - hurrah!

Our first stop was Melbourne - my first impression was that it was bloody freezing! I was not impressed this was not what I was expecting from Australia! On the other hand I really liked the city. It had a really nice feel to it and the food was amazing!!!! We went to a couple of markets while we were there and got to try lots of yummy things! On our first day in Melbourne we also went to the Melbourne cup. The day started out cold and overcast but luckily (not for my shoulders though!) the sun came out as the day went on and it turned into a scorcher. We spent the day sipping champagne and watching everyone in their glad rags! There were some amazing dresses and head pieces there, people really went all

Wondering of it's too late to change my mind!
out on their outfits! Unfortunately we didn't have a bet on the cup race, I would definitely have chosen the winner, PrInce of Penzance, if we had. We had a bet later on though and I won $70 from a $4 bet - not bad!!

After Melbourne we flew up to Cairns and found the sun - thank god! Unknowingly we had chosen the wildest hostel in the town, and found ourselves in the middle of an 18-25's holiday! I like a drink but this was something else! We had decided that while we were in Cairns we would do a skydive so set about trying to find one on our first day. We managed to book one through our hostel and Booked it for the next day. I was a bit nervous but tried not to think about it too much!! The next day we got on the bus and travelled for about an hour to our jump site, my nerves building the whole way! I was definitely the most nervous out of all of us, typically Loz was cool as a cucumber. On the way we were listening to tales of a girl who's

Loving life!
friend had thrown up mid jump in the air - this definitely sounded like something that would happen to me! Luckily I managed to keep myself together and loved it! It was such an amazing experience and and my video and photos are hilarious! I would definitely do a jump again!

The next day, my birthday, we went out on a boat to dive and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. What a way to spend your birthday eh! The reef was spectacular - and I loved diving! I literally felt like I was in a scene of Finding Nemo and we saw so many types of fish. We hired an underwater camera for the day so also managed to get some great pictures! I loved the dive so much I decided to pay extra and have a second dive - this was a mistake and lead to me almost dying on my 26th birthday! ..... I exaggerate slightly and am sure I was never in any danger but my life did flash before my eyes as I imagined the headlines for the papers the next day!! There I was swimming along enjoying the sights, my snorkel was irritating me
Great Barrier ReefGreat Barrier ReefGreat Barrier Reef

About to go on our first dive!
so I tried to adjust it and managed to fill it up with water instead. I forgot all their advice and panicked...managing to spit my breathing apparatus out and lose a fin in the process! It took a couple of seconds for the instructor to realise during which time I had the life flashing past experience, once she realised though she was so calm and made me swim over to her and gave me her emergency regulator( breathing bit!) I eventually managed to calm down and we carried on with the rest of the dive although i stayed much closer to her than before! The experience hasn't put me off diving though and I am considering doing a diving course while we are in Thailand!

From Cairns we got the over night bus down to Airlie Beach. This was more my kind of place than Cairns - very laid back and relaxed. Palm trees everywhere and blue sea, although you can't go in the sea as it is stinger season and lord knows I don't want another near death experience! On our first night for some reason we thought it would be a
Great Barrier ReefGreat Barrier ReefGreat Barrier Reef

Some of the great photos we got
good idea to go out, despite having to be up early the next morning to go on a boat! Bad idea!! We didn't get in till 3 in the morning and had been drinking goon (VERY cheap boxed wine that effects everyone badly! 4 litres cost $12 which is £6. Ridiculous stuff!) Needless to say I was very hungover in the morning and threw up a couple of times - we all know I'm not the best on boats as it is - how could I have been so stupid?! We made it to the boat and met the people we would be spending the next 3 days with as we sailed around the Whitsunday Islands. Luckily my hangover disappeared once we got onto the boat and I perked up a bit. The whole trip was amazing! Our boat was a lovely 53ft sailing boat called Ragamuffin II (they wouldn't tell us what had happened to Ragamuffin I!) Everyone on our boat was really lovely. There were only 10 of us and 2 crew members so we got to know everyone really well which was nice. We spent the whole 3 days sailing around and stopping off to do lots of snorkelling! At night we would moor up and drink and stargaze - the stars here are amazing and we saw lots of shooting stars! On our second day we went to Whitehaven beach. It was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. Crystal blue water and pure white sands! The sand is so precious to Australia that you aren't allowed to take Any away from the island and will get stopped at customs if they find any On you - even if it's just In your pocket! We also saw loads of turtles while we were there which was really cool! The whole trip was brilliant and we left Airlie beach feeling relaxed and sun kissed!

From Airlie beach we then had a 15hr bus journey down to Rainbow beach. There isn't much really going on in Rainbow beach but we were only there to travel to Fraser Island where we would be doing another 3 day trip, this time in a 4x4 and camping overnight! I was very excited and people told us they enjoyed it even more than the Whitsundays. I found this very hard to believe! There were 8 people in our car altogether. Me and the girls, a couple from Manchester who were lovely and 3 German girls. (Apart from Brits, it's mostly Germans out here!) There were 4 cars on our trip and we became like one big family over the 3 days. Leading our trip was a 40-something hippie called Luke Who had dreadlocks and was never seen wearing shoes. He was brilliant and made the trip for us! He would stop us every now and then and give us a lecture on how we should all love each other and be free and live our lives doing what made us happy - it was brilliant and he made us laugh so much with his craziness. The island was beautiful - it is the biggest sand island in the world and has lots of fresh water lakes. One of the most beautiful was Lake McKenzie which we went to on our last day. This lake rivalled Whitehaven beach and we used the sand to exfoliate our bodies. We even tried it in our hair which was meant to make it silkier. Unfortunately it had no effect on my birds nest and it is just as
Fraser IslandFraser IslandFraser Island

Driving along the beach in our 4x4
dry as ever, my skin is silky smooth now though! Everyone had been right this trip had been one of the best things we have done so far!

From Rainbow beach we had a short journey down to Noosa. We didn't really have any plans for Noosa so I wasn't sure what to expect. On our first night there we went to a night market which was brilliant and a great advert for moving to Australia! It had such a happy, friendly vibe. People in Noosa seem very chilled and Laid back. We had some lovely food and sat people watching and listening to some great live music. The next day we went to Australia Zoo which is Steve Irwins zoo. It's the best zoo I've ever been too - all the animals have so much space and you could tell all the staff loved their jobs and really cared about the animals. The zoo has over 100 acres of land. I got to hold a Koala which was awesome, they are like giant teddy bears. The kangaroos also have massive bits of the zoo where they are just free to hop around
Australia ZooAustralia ZooAustralia Zoo

Roo Selfie!
and you walk amongst them and and can feed and stroke them. Very cool!! Unfortunately we only had 2 night in Noosa so didnt get to do much else. I would like to come back here though it is really nice!!

Which brings me up to date!! We are now sat on a bus down to the Gold Coast. I think our next couple of days are going to be a bit wild again as we are in surfers paradise but then we move on down to Byron Bay which I'm excited about! Sorry it has been such a long entry! I shall try and do this more regularly now I've started so the blogs won't be as long! Hope everyone is well back home - I hear a few of you have had snow! I knew you would - bloody typical!


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Australia ZooAustralia Zoo
Australia Zoo

So happy!!

22nd November 2015

Ahhh this all sounds amazing! It's strange hearing about you in Noosa and heading to Byron cos that's where Jake and i spent loads of time! Make sure you have an ice cream by the light house in Byron... I remember them being very good! And if you do a kayaking trip with a particular company and you don't see dolphins then you get another session for free! But I cant remember which company it is! Anyhoo I'm sure you'll keep have an amazing time! Much love xxxxx

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