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October 14th 2013
Published: November 9th 2013
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Caught the coach to Noosa, didn't take too long! Love the accommodation it is a holiday lodge all wooden and with a view looking out into trees etc so you really feel in the wild! I checked in and was in the same room as Adam and Amy again!

We went to the beach to relax and it's a lovely beach and I really like the town which is a good job because I have 6 days to fill in Noosa!

We went in the sea and swam with the waves and tried out their waterproof camera but we all got a bit burnt from being in the sun and the water. We had a welcome meeting at the hostel at 6pm with a free glass of wine and then after that we chilled and shared a jug of beer, then an old Dutch guy who had been in the same bus as me bought us another jug to be kind so we shared that too!!

The next day we went for a walk in the national park, we decided to walk along the costal path to a point called hells gate, we looked out over the edge and saw sea turtles swimming in the water.. Duuuuuuuuuuddddde!

Then we walked along a path which took us into the centre of the park to see if we could spot koalas in the wild.. No luck but I did get frightened by a bush turkey!!

It was a really long walk back and we had decided to watch the sunset from Laguna lookout and the sun was already starting to descend so we had to walk fast and the lookout was up a really steep incline with lots of steps but it was worth it when we got to the top. It was soo pretty looking out over noosa, the beach, the lakes, and seeing the sun behind the hills in the distance.. I took some beautiful pictures!

We had managed to have a free lunch that day as we met a girl in the kitchen who had just finished work in a bakery and had brought home leftovers that she didn't want so I had a veggie pasty yum!

spoke to Fran on Skype in the evening and just had a quiet one.

The next day I got up super early for the bar-b-canoe trip I had booked in the Everglades. The bus picked me up from outside the hostel and took us to a boat where we cruised along the rivers and lakes. We went past an island which belongs to Richard Branson which costs $24000 a night to stay there. We stopped further along the river to have cakes and tea and then got into groups to do the canoeing. I was put with a German girl and an English guy both really nice and we started canoeing along the Everglades! The freshwater lakes and river are the colour of black tea apparently from the tea-tree In the water but the colour and the fact that the water is so calm made the water like a mirror and the trees were coming right into the water so it was like in the movies where they canoe through the forests!

We pulled up at a picnic spot and met up with the main boat for lunch, we had barbecue steak with coldslaw, potato salad etc. after lunch we canoed all the way back.. It was hard work and my arms ached!

Loved the trip!

sonja the German girl in my boat wasn't well when we got back so I went to the doctors with her to keep her company and help out with filling out the forms. That night I chilled with Neil the English guy in my boat and had a few jugs of beer to share, we also met up with an irish guy neil had met whilst traveling. The bar at the hostel shut so we went to nomads to carry on, but that shit just after one drink but it had a free bus which took everyone down to the club in town, it was nicknamed party bus and it was crazy there was music blaring, people dancing and singing but it only took 5 mins to get there was not far away at all! Went to rolling rocks night club and danced the night away! I saw Cindy the girl from Sydney and some other guys from the hostel who I had been chatting to earlier. I was dancing with everyone and the floor was sooo sticky that it broke my flip flop.. Then I got kicked out of the club for being bare foot even though their club broke my footwear!!!!! So I walked back with some of guys from the hostel and went to bed annoyed about my broken flip flop which I had carried all the way back!

Woke up in need of some new flip flops or 'thongs' as they call them out here! So went straight to the Roxy shop and got myself a brand new pair of thongs - I love them!

Sat on the beach with Yvonne who has caught back up with me and Neil, we went bodyboarding in the sea and caught some waves was really good fun. I walked along the beach and chatted to some kitsurfers who had come in from a session and asked about lessons.. They told me to check out the information centre so I went there and the lady there took my details and said she would organise trying to book me in. The kitesurfing company rung me and said that the conditions were looking good for Saturday if it didn't rain and that they would text in the morning to confirm.

Had a few drinks with Yvonne and Neil and a weird american man then we went to nomads but it wasn't a busy night at all but we had a little dance, Neil went back early and so did the American guy but we stayed with a nice English girl called Laura that Yvonne had met at her hostel, at the end of the night they walked back to their hostel together and I caught the party bus back to my hostel as it was on the way! On the walk from the bus stop I heard something rustling next to me which made me jump but it was just a cute possum!

Didn't hear anything about kitesurfing the next morning but it was Friday and the lady had said that it was looking better for Saturday so I still had my fingers crossed. It wasn't the best weather partly the reason I couldnt have the lesson that day so Yvonne and I decided on a walk in the national park.. First we went to the boost juice bar owned by Richard Branson and had a juicy smoothie then we walked to the national park. We decided on a short walk as we had both done a long one before. We didn't see any koalas but I saw a huge spider on a giant web it's called an orb spider and the web was above the path so we had to walk underneath it.. Gave me the shivers! And we saw a giant lizard almost the size of a crocodile called a monitor lizard. The English girl Laura that we met last night had now checked into my hostel and I saw her when I got back.. she asked if I would come to the welcome meeting with her so I said yes especially for another glass of free wine! we ended up meeting lots of people at the meeting and all stayed chatting and drinking.

The bar was really busy as it was a Friday night so whilst we were chatting there were lots of people around us and we ended up meeting a group of guys there. Laura, Yvonne, and I all went out with them when the bar shut. We went to a bar called Laguna jacks and it had live music with some singing and playing guitar, was a really good night. They invited us to see the view from their apartment and to chill around a guitar so because there were 3 of us we said yes... The view from the rooftop was amazing and the moon was almost a full moon so it was reflecting on all the water, they grabbed their guitars to play whilst we sat on the roof but when they played them we realised they couldn't actually play the guitar and were learning!!! So we made our excuses and left!!!

I kept waking up in the night hoping that I wouldn't miss the call for kitesurfing! Finally at 10.30 she rung and said the weather was perfect and that she would pick me up at 1pm I was sooo excited!! the lady called Codie picked me up in her 4x4 and drove me to a lake.. We drove past quite a bad bush fire on the way. As soon as we got the lake she taught me all about the kite etc then we got straight in the water.. I launched the kite for her then walked over to her she hooked me in and I was flying the kite straight away!! She said I did really well and was a natural and one of her best students! I loved it and had such a good time! I could have done another hour and learnt a bit more but I was quite tired and didn't want to ruin my enjoyment by getting tired and frustrated by keeping going. Codie said she has a fellow instructor in airlie beach and I can always have a refresher lesson when I'm there. we packed the kit away and she drove me back and the bush fire had become quite bad and we had to drive through thick smoke.

I met back up with Adam and Amy as they had come back from their bush camp and then went to the beach to meet Yvonne and Laura and tell them all about it! We went to a place called cafe Le monde in the evening for a bit and some of the guys from the night before were there so we hung out with them. Then I walked back to the hostel as I was tired from all the kitesurfing excitement! Tomorrow I catch the bus to Hervey Bay to start my Fraser Island adventure but my time in noosa has certainly been noosatastic!

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