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September 18th 2013
Published: September 18th 2013
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Day started early, zee Germans started waking up at 5:45!! I got up at half 6. Still far too early in my opinion... Got the bus at 7:45. There was a lady sitting near me who, on first glance, seemed normal as she was groomed and well dressed in a nice maxi dress. However closer inspection showed me that she didn't have matching flip flops and was reading her magazine upside down. Interesting.

Got to Australia zoo at 9am. In the pouring rain. Got the emergency poncho out. Looks like a giant white bin bag, down to my ankles. Hot. The bus wasn't due to pick me up until half 4. Already I was thinking that this was going to be a long day.. Text Kim and Nat to say I was at the zoo. You'll never guess who were there too!! They say I'm stalking them, I'm sure it's the other way around.. So day instantly got better. The zoo was epic. They did a midday croc show which apart from being overly americanised was really good. Well worth a visit!

The next morning I was up early again to meet Kelly for breakfast. Had a lovely catch up but got a bit carried away, nearly missed check out of the hostel and the bus to Noosa!!

Got there just in time to catch my bus to Noosa. After a short 3 hour journey I arrived. Can definitely feel it getting warmer the further north I go. Was met by Anna who picked me up to take me to the hostel. Got checked in and instantly wanted to check out! It seems really dirty and there was a cockroach on my bed. However, I named him Jeff and we've become good friends. He was on the wall by my pillow when I went to sleep. He's a good chap. Last night was all you can eat pizza night for $5 (£3). They kept hand making pizza until we didn't want any more! I was crap though and only managed 3 bits. What a loser. Everyone was drinking which made me a sad bunny as I can't on erythromycin. Only 2 more days though! Got chatting to a couple of english guys, George from London who's been travelling and working for 9 months. Then Brian from, wait for it, Bury St Edmunds!!!! He's been here 5 weeks. Reached my limit for small talk and so went to bed at 10pm. There is a Canadian couple in the bunk above me and they got smashed on goon last night (cheap wine). Matthew passed out on the sofa, then when Erica got up for work at 6 they swapped. Although he had to run to the bathroom a couple of times to spew! I ended up getting up early and sat in reach of the crappy wifi. It's free though, so shouldn't moan. Currently debating how arsed I can be to do some washing... Then maybe sit on the beach then go for a walk in the national park. Apparently you can see wild koalas and pythons. Hopefully no spiders or poisonous snakes though..



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