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March 29th 2017
Published: April 4th 2017
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Cyclone Debbie hit Northern Queensland with winds peaking at about 260 km/hr. Thankfully the eye of the storm was 900 km North from where we are staying. Our friends Pat and Lesha were heading up to the Great Barrier Reef and ended up cancelling much of their trip because of the storm. They retreated back to our place and basked on the TV coverage of the area during the storm, that was definitely the right thing to do.

Our impression of Australia has been that it's a well run country which has been reinforced with the way the various agencies etc prepared for the storm. In spite of it's furiousness, there was only 1 reported fatality (a traffic accident). The damage will be in the Billions!!! If there is any good news that can come from such disaster, there's a chance the Cyclone will help save the rapid deterioration of the coral along the Great Barrier Reef. The coral is dying at an alarming rate due to the 2nd year in a row of higher water temperatures (currently 3 degrees above normal). The storm has the potential to bring cooler water to the surface thereby helping sustain what's left of the coral. Of course the destruction of the coral is devasting to this "wonder of the world" and further evidence of the impact of climate change.

The weather around Noosa Heads has been rainy due to the Cyclone so we went back with Pat and Lesha to the Eumundi Market to finish off some shopping. After running out of money at the market and with a car load of shoes, we drove up to Yandina, a town 20km inland. There is an interesting Ginger Factory which offered tours, a few ancillary shops, kids entertainment and other activity that turned the somewhat remote community, into a destination. Across the street was a Macadamia processing factory. The timing didn't work for us to tour the Ginger facility but we did spend a couple of hours in the area which was quite enjoyable. Of course ginger and macadamia nuts are both native crops to Australia and processing the product close to the raw material makes economic sense and good for exports.

The day after Cyclone Debbie was downgraded to a Tropical Storm and headed South East, hitting Noosa Heads with heavy rain and wind gusts at 125km/hr. It was quite scary and hard to imagine a Cyclone with winds of 260 km/hour. There was significant amount of tree damage in our area and a lot of flooding along coastal communities, including Brisbane. A few hours before the storm hit, we noticed a significant number of birds perched around our patio furniture making a lot of noise. We think they were seeking better shelter and knew a severe storm was on it's way.

Thanks to many friends inquiring of our safety during the storm. Of course, I have learned to survive after living 28 years with another Cyclone Debbie!!!!

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4th April 2017

I had not heard of this Cyclone and of course I am happy it did not damage your immediate area. I enjoy your blog so much and feel I am there with you two 😘😘
4th April 2017

I had not heard of this Cyclone and of course I am happy it did not damage your immediate area. I enjoy your blog so much and feel I am there with you two 😘😘

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