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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Longreach July 1st 2019

Today was our first rest day that involved no driving. Whoot!!! I had big plans of taking the kids to see the Qantas Museum and/or the Stockman’s Hall of Fame but they were so horribly overpriced that I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Instead we went to a fantastic show about Harry Redford, a cattle rustler from the old days. It was bloody funny with the two lads acting it out being good on their feet and very happy to give it to the Kiwis, Tasmanians and Victorians on the audience. The pollies copped it a fair bit as well. As a lead-up to the show there was a local bush poet (Patrick Casey from Stonehenge, QLD) reading from his latest collection. He was the best part of 85-90 and a real character. Tony bought ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Longreach July 12th 2017

Our maiden voyage around QLD initially took us on an unexpected journey back over the border into NSW, with a catch up planned with Tab’s parents in Lightning Ridge on June 10. Then “SURPRISE!!!” they arrived in Stanthorpe a few days before we were due to leave!! Wow, quite the journey guys, thanks for the extra kms! Many thanks too to Brad and Cheryl who opened up their home, cellar door and shared their table with us while Savina Lane became a small van park for a few days. So an enjoyable couple of weeks road-trip convoy with the four of us, plus all three ginger cats (they have Dougal) stopping the first night on the river at Texas, QLD, about 100km west of Stanthorpe, where Maria promptly threw in the yabby nets in the hope ... read more
Bore Charlotte Plains
Good morning sunshine Yowah Bluff
Hows the serenity! Tab @ Charlotte Plains

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Longreach August 8th 2014

We saw our first two Brolgas strolling through the bush on the other side of the fence this morning. A lady camped nearby said they had been fed by someone yesterday so we thought we’d give it a go. They weren’t interested in bird seed but did seem to enjoy the bread. The bigger one was much quicker and more aggressive and got most of it. He also moaned and grunted like a pig while he was eating! Just past them we could also see the culprit of the early morning crowing – a large black rooster (cockerel, for the Poms) which seems to be feral, but very healthy! We rang Nancy and arranged to meet in town after we’d done a couple of things at the shops. As we pulled up we saw Nancy carrying ... read more
QANTAS Uniforms
De Havilland 61 "Giant Moth", one of QANTAS' early fleet
DH61 Giant Moth "Apollo" Interior

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Longreach August 7th 2014

We raced up the road to be sure of getting to the Hall of Fame on time for the 11am show. We’d booked in for the package of Show, Museum and Lunch and while we were doing it we met Nancy again, the lady from Jericho who had come over to see if Barry was OK after his fall. She also booked that package so we all sat together for the Show, which was in an outdoor arena, where we foolishly sat downwind so the dust kept coming in my eyes. The show is done by Lockie Cosser, originally from Yackandandah in Victoria. He came racing out of the side yard on an American Quarter Horse, which he out through his paces and then unsaddled to show us the different types of saddle used. The horse ... read more
Lockie Singing and Riding Jigsaw
Jigsaw Even Let People Pet Him.
Outside the Stockmen's Hall of Fame

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Longreach August 7th 2014

There are lots of interesting things to do in Longreach so this morning we decided what we would do when. I really wanted to see the School of the Air, which I’d noticed on our arrival yesterday, because we’d seen one about 30 years ago at Broken Hill and I was interested to see how modern technology had changed it. We also wanted to see the Stockman’s Hall of Fame and the show that went with it. We’d checked last night and it started at 11am so we’d just have time to get there if we did the first, 9am, tour of the school. We’d set the alarm for earlier than normal and had a quick breakfast so we just made it in time. Our guide, Fiona, had been schooled over the air herself and had ... read more
A Very Happy Sunflower
Fiona and the Roll-Up Keyboard
The Prep Teacher Taking Her Class in the Studio

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Longreach August 6th 2014

We left Barcaldine a bit later than we’d planned but it’s only 134 km to Longreach so that wasn’t a problem. There were an amazing number of dead animals along the highway, in all states of decay, mainly kangaroos but also a few emus, a sheep and some wild pigs. Wherever the animals were still reasonably meaty there were heaps of carrion birds and birds of prey, including Little Eagles, Black Kites, Ravens and Crows. They would leave it to the last second to lift off the road and several times Barry had to slow down to give them time to get out of the way. They totally ignored him when he tried honking the horn. Mind you, it must be very frustrating for them to be disturbed every time they take a bite! We saw ... read more
Now That's a Name Board for a Caravan Park
The Amazing Quilt
A Specially Modified Wheelchair

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Longreach October 26th 2013

Have you ever been recommended to go to a show or museum and really wondered if you would get anything out of it? I was a bit like that with the Stockman's Hall of Fame at Longreach. Not of farming stock, (although my Dad told me of some relatives that migrated to Canada who were cattle rustlers,) I had limited rural exposure. On the other hand, Marg had cousins just out of town on a dairy farm, and spent many hours in the rural environment. So what do you get to see at this museum? Most of the year there are live shows around the outback way of life. The show the day we were there was built around breaking in new horses. A bit of comedy, some good music, dogs rounding up sheep, a bit ... read more
The Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame
Inside the centre
Sheep that knits

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Longreach October 24th 2013

There are older settlements in outback Queensland, but Longreach has a significant role both historically and continuing both commercially and for tourists. There is so much to do in this outback town that you need a few days to see it all. In the early development of the region, the Thomson river was a significant waterway, then eventually rail came as far as Longreach, and that improved the lives of all in the area. It's not until you read accounts of lives in these outback towns that the tyranny of distance was so severe. A person contracted typhoid fever, it took 10 days for a doctor to come, only to discover the patient died the night before. While WW I caused terrible disruption and painful loss of life, it also spawned new opportunities as service people ... read more
They started with this
QANTAS ticket number 1
747 tail behind motorhome

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Longreach August 13th 2013

Dry, dusty and nothing there. So many people believe this to be true. You only need to open your eyes, ears and spend some time, to find the character of Outback Central QLD. Whether it's the waterholes, with it's abundant wildlife; or in the small towns, with pubs and down to earth people; or in the flat, dry plains; Central QLD has a personality. Like anyone, her personality can be irritating and/or awesome and has the ability to evoke a range of emotions within the traveller. Dave and I have had time on our side and luckily have been able experience this.... read more
Alpha- A Lunch Stop
Alpha the Town of Murals

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Longreach July 26th 2013

Forgot to tell the story of the missing dinner. At Palm Valley we had our veges and meat all prepared to cook for our meal. It was cold, so no flies were about. Just on dusk we walked across to talk to Terry and Steph for about 15 minutes, returned to our table, and the meat was gone. About 20 minutes later we saw a very cheeky dingo passing by our tent, and only 8 metres away from people cooking and the campfire. I hope he enjoyed our boerewors sausage! Finke Gorge to Boggy Hole gave us a little bit of 4-wheel driving until we reached a very sandy creekbed where we could see that another vehicle had ventured in, then backed out. Being on our own and it being late in the afternoon we decided ... read more

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