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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Kilkivan January 8th 2016

Melissa has flown in. She has hired a car from the airport and is taking us to the farm that she once worked at to get her second year working visa. The cow farm is just a couple of hours away but is very remote. I remember her telling me once that it took her 2 hours to walk to the main road from the farm in the pursuit of a mobile phone signal. While it was simply too remote for a city girl who loves to chat with her friends, she remembers the children fondly and has kept in touch with the Mum Jas. We are guaranteed to see kangaroos she ... read more
With Lyla the horse
With the chucks

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Kilkivan July 15th 2010

Sooooo, it is now the 15th of July and im planning my week back to Brisbane! I go on the 22nd therefore i have been in Kilkivan for one month exactly! Its a lovely little town but now all the boys have gone back to work and there just isnt anyone to really talk to it gets a little lonely aswell and i like to have a nice chat with someone from time to time! Nick will be here soon and im DEAD excited, ahhhh Love It! So im going to refer back to my journal and see what ive written for the past couple of weeks! I'll finish where i left off! The weather was nice in Brisbane but i wanted sun baking status and i wasnt gettind anything at the time. BAD TIMES. So ... read more

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