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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ipswich September 14th 2019

Well, our big trip is almost here. Only one more sleep until we fly over to the other side of the world. Thank you so much to everyone who has wished us well over the past few weeks. We are all very excited (and nervous, scared, sad, happy etc). We hope you enjoy following our adventures here on this travelblog.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ipswich December 17th 2017

This morning we went for a drive/walk to the local farmers market where we met Karen’s Kiwi mate. We sat down for coffee and cake then an elderly couple ask to sit at the end of our table. The lady and Karen’s mate start chatting and they are both from the same small town in New Zealand. How spooky! Back to Karen’s then later we drive to Ipswich to meet Kiwi cousin Karen and her husband Tony. Only a short visit as Tony had to be back in hospital to continure his treatment fo leukaemia by 1930. I have never met Kiwi Karen before or her sister Barbara who lives in New Zealand but we hope to meet her in a week or 2 then that will be no relatives that I have never met Due ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ipswich January 9th 2013

So we have arrived in our first major city in Australia, Brisbane and I've got to say from first glance it looks pretty good. It has all the promise of a major city, skyscraper upon skyscraper dotted all around the river, big universities, botanical gardens right in the centre and plenty of coffee shops! But in spite of all that, its about the size of Holmfirth. We had walked from one side of the city to the other in 5 minutes, then explored the botanical gardens in roughly the same time. Saying this though, the city itself is really nice, its clean and has everything a city needs. We spent our day walking around the entirety of it, starting out with the main shopping street, picking up an AFL shirt and then moving on to the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ipswich October 15th 2012

Somerset Dam is about a half hour drive from Ipswich, and a little north of the Wivenhoe Dam which became famous in 2011 as it fed the Brisbane floods. Somerset Dam is in a bushy valley that abounds in Australian wild life. Many who travel to Aus take photos of our cuddly koalas in sanctuaries, but at Somerset, with a little patience you find the dinkum thing in the wild. In case you think the koala was at close range - he was high up the gum tree. Photos taken with a Canon SX40HS on max optical and digital zoom. The lake and the river are good fishing spots with some other watersports also well catered for. Those with a need for speed on the water are better off at Wivenhoe Dam. The camping ground just ... read more
Somerset Dam
Morning Reflections
Misty Mood

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ipswich April 30th 2012

Hi guys, my overseas trip is due to start on 18th May (this month) so counting down. I have whole month to experience some of Europe. Hoping to walk, eat,talk and generally absorb the local culture. What I would like are any hints or tips to make my trip really memorable. So far I am travelling to Heidelberg, Innsbruck and Geneva, 3 days in each place. After that I have a week in Paris to amuse myself.... read more
Student Bikes
Old City shop

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ipswich June 11th 2009

Day 46 - Willowbank Raceway to Tweed Heads We really do need to get our arses out of here today, not that we want to but we need to! We’re up early, honest Jeff, and we pack up the caravan and the car. We’ve been here for 9 days now and it feels like home already. Nick’s up too so the three of us head up to Roger at the top of the pits so we can assist with the packing up. I think he’s a bit surprised to see us as he’s sitting on the tail lift at the back of the trailea'r eating grapes! So, what jobs can we do? Darryl gets the cleaning tank to wash down - pretty gross! Sarah, well Sarah gets the $$’$$$ clutch grinding machine to clean out - ... read more
We have ours

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ipswich June 10th 2009

Day 45 - Willowbank Raceway We just can’t drag ourselves out of here … get it …. drag ourselves! Ho ho ho! We heard what we thought was a fuel bike fire up last night but we must have got that wrong because we’re sure the teams have gone home already … we’ll have to double check!! Today is the Vicious Rumour teams second test day and they’re up and at it early this morning. They had problems yesterday, it’s difficult to write word for word what the problems were and get it spot on but the up shot is they were breaking springs on every run, which isn’t good, so they’ve rebuilt the engine overnight. New cam the lot and now they’re back chasing the 6 they did yesterday or, if the head wind would ... read more
The wheels were always up on the launch
Blower boom mid track
Day 2 final run

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ipswich June 9th 2009

Day 44 - Willowbank Raceway Well there was no early night for us last night as Allan our ‘next door neighbour’ at Willowbank came past rocking the caravan so we had a few jars before he headed back to his own pad after another hard day! He’s a great character and shows us snaps of his bar at home which is full of memorabilia ranging from a genuine, signed Queen guitar and lots of AFL and motorsports collectables to thousands and thousands of caps! Allan works with All Crowd Catering who provide the meals at Willowbank for the corporate and racer facilities, they do a really good job and we’ve enjoyed a few of their treats over the weekend! Today is another day of packing up for the hard working Willowbank team and everyone has jobs ... read more
It's a beaut
The launch was strong and hard
Final check

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ipswich June 8th 2009

Day 43 - Willowbank Raceway to Mermaid Beach (and back!) We wake up this morning all on our own, no 5.45am alarm call! We’re still at Willowbank but are off to see Daz before he flies back to NZ tomorrow. There’s been a hot rod show on at Coolangata on the Gold Coast so we’re going to meet up for lunch and check the show out if it’s still on by the time we get over there! It’s about an hour and 30 minute drive mainly on toll roads and it’s the Queens Birthday national holiday here today so we figure the roads might be quiet in the morning but busy later on. We start our journey towards Broadbeach and the Miami Surf Club where we’re meeting for lunch but just outside the track on the ... read more
Fun in the sun with Surfers Paradise in the background
Darryl checks out Daz's car in the mag!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ipswich June 7th 2009

Day 42 - We don’t need to tell you what time we got up this morning do we? You’re all with it now aren’t you?! Welcome to day 4 of the Castrol Edge 42nd Winter Nationals here at drag racing’s finest Willowbank Raceway! We have an appointment with a couple of Harley Davidson motorbikes this morning so we make sure we’re ready in good time and start our ritual walkabout of the pit area just after 7am! There’s quite a few racers about this morning as the strip is due to open at 8am. The familiar start up routines are present and we find plenty of beaut cars to gawk at! During our wander we also catch up with Kerstyn of Flashdance fame which was lovely. They’re such a friendly family and it’s great to see ... read more
Flying the flag
After the opening ceremony

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