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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Gympie June 22nd 2013

We awoke fairly early thanks to our complimentary wake up call care of Ethan who, like us, was not much enamoured with getting dressed and facing the day. after breakfast we sat outside on the front porch basking in the sunlight and planning our journey northwards. Jody-Ann and Jeremy live with the lovely 8 month old Luca and the wisely cheeky faced Ethan down stairs in a house beautiful self contained house which Ian has been renovating. the night before we were given the grand tour while Ethan watched Veggie Tales, a Christian moral based video series which i again have fond memories of from my time in Alexandria (the jazzy Rumour Weed was a definite favourite). Sunday lunch was a lively family affair, being a joint birthday celebration for Ian and a family meet up ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Gympie March 6th 2013

This is infact a ' Note from a bloody big island' with no apologies to Bill Bryson.The ongoing headwind persists and will probably be driving me barmy 'til Melbourne! Aside from that, even at 100+km/day it seems very slow progress down the Bruce HW. I won't be in Brisbane for another couple of days. Tonight for the 1st time since somewhere in Iran, I'm free-camping but tonight and for 1 night only, I'm camped next to a petrol station. It doesn't sound too glorious but infact the position is almost delightful. There's a couple of ponds, coots, ducks, turtles, ibis, green lorrakeets and a great view of hills to the west. You'd love it! Of course there's also a truck or 10 pounding up and down the highway not to speak of buses cars and trucks ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Gympie December 2nd 2012

Situated on the Gympie/Tin Can Bay road, we arrived at Standown Park. We take our hats off and salute, the vision of Rod and his wife Pam for their drive and total commitment to the betterment and welfare of returned service personnel. They have created a camping/caravan park dedicated to war vets, and warmly welcoming all non service people as well. To Stand Down is a military term instructing a soldier to Stand down from active duty, how appropriate. We set up camp on a large grassed area, just near the forest, but not too far from the well built camp kitchen and amenities block. Rods' wingman is Landers, we only knew him as Landers, greets every new arrival with warm and genuine friendship. Every night at the going down of the sun he gets the ... read more
congregation at community campfire
Vets wall at Standown Lake memorial
Wingman Landers, fire starter

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Gympie November 18th 2012

Finally moving on from the Sunny Coast, Bilbo and Bashos' amazing adventure, continued north to Gympie. We camped at Six Mile Creek rest area, just south of Gympie, where it appears very much rest is needed, by weary travellers. We arrived not too weary and set up camp on the edge of the forest. We met what appeared to be several long time campers resting in an overnight rest area, "Aw look mate, said one in a slow Queensland drawl, we have been here for six months, no rangers have bothered us, so look, play the game and tell them you have just arrived, like we do, every time a ranger comes snooping around." Curiously we pondered the short memory of rangers, "See that guy next to a two man tent over there," he said pointing ... read more
Basho on dodgy troll bridge
forest at 6 mile creek
Bilbo on 6 mile creek

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Gympie September 7th 2012

Kids have all flown the nest and much as it was lovely to have us all together for a week Pete and I have been looking forward to starting the next phase of our trip so we headed for Toowoomba to catch up with old friends from way back to spend a couple of days with them. We had a great time trying out Mattie as we camped next to a church which adjoined our friend’s house and slept in her once again. Tried out the shower which was great once Pete had remembered to turn the gas on! Toowoomba is huge and lots to see and do but we unfortunately had to return to Cornubia to pick up mail that had arrived for us so didn’t see much of the city. It is Queensland’s largest ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Gympie June 11th 2011

Since saturday the 28.05. I´m WOOFING at Brooloo Park. Means, working for food and sleeping. Brooloo Park is a farm with eco campgrounds, so actually natural camping with simple bush toilets. My work includes feeding the animals, as there are 13horses, 3ponys, a pig, 3dogs, guiny fauls, chicken and cows and a Brahmen Bull. You can fearles walk in his paddock, he is not interestet! While the horses and some of the cows are searching for food at you. I also do general farm maintenance, so as fencing, fixing the trailer, slashing with a tractor, collecting firewood(otherwise we don´t get a hot shower). A couple of days ago we had to shoot an old horse. Since then it is my job, to keep the fire burning, so twice a day I´m in the bush to collect ... read more
On the Tractor
Molly on the Truck
Morgens in der kälte....

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Gympie April 23rd 2010

Our last day in Noosa was looking like it was going to be wet, wet, wet so we decided to take the Valley Rattler steam train which used to be a big railway station during the gold rush but since the gold has run out Gympie (yes this is the name of the town) is now a sleepytown dedicated to the history of the gold rush era. The train itself was very old and had the traditional wooden carriages inside, it reminded me of the Harry Potter train. It ambled along at a slow speed and everyone who saw us on the way stopped to wave. When we reached the destination the train had to remove its engine and drive it onto a turntable thing. Then the drivers had to push it round so that it ... read more
Cho Cho
Tickets please
Wheres Harry Potter?

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Gympie November 8th 2009

DAY 366 Now that was a night’s sleep! I did have a 3.00 wake up which took me a while to drift off again but overall that was a magnificent nights sleep. We again needed to have a fairly early get away as like we have previously posted, we wanted to be on the Sunshine Coast early as possible this morning, to get our cooker replaced and sort our fridge problems out. On went our whistling friend and soon Caroline was out of the trailer, she too had enjoyed a great nights sleep also with a 3.00 wake up, we both commented on the additional vehicles that had pulled in, but were gone by daylight, the only remaining campers were those of us that had pulled in for the evening. I could see that again today ... read more
Brisbane Gets Closer
Inaugral Lighting of the New Cooker

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Gympie November 7th 2009

DAY 365 This is the second time we have had to type this document, the first one was finished this morning all 4100 words saved then word crashed and it was lost. Again I was up at silly o’clock this morning, we had a big day in front of us driving, we stayed the night in this wonderful free camp site at St Lawrence Rodeo Ring, we had been advised and true to words, it was excellent. This morning at about 6.15am I asked Caroline if she wanted her tea now or leave it a little while, I really did want to get a good start on the day, as I wanted to get back as far as we could tonight so our run back to the Sunshine coast on Sunday would be a fairly short ... read more
St Lawrence Rodeo Ground
St Lawrence Rodeo Ground
A very long coal train

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Gympie February 24th 2009

Forced by lack of employment opportunities, we signd up for a farm training scheme which 'guarantees' you work for the length of your visa once you have completed the vastly overpriced week long course. They sent you a list of things you would need for the course, but after much to-ing and fro-ing with the school maam style organiser of the course we felt that if we purchased the boots in Brisbane they would for sure be wrong by her standards. We didn't understand why they had to be as specified (and we still don't). I think it's more of a farmer uniform than anything to do with safety. We took a Greyhound bus to a hick town called Gympie, where they picked us up and took us to an even hick-ier town called Goomeri for ... read more
Farmers Joe & Joe
Mike the cowboy
The farm house

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