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September 4th 2007
Published: September 4th 2007
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Los CapitanosLos CapitanosLos Capitanos

Ha Ha Ha :D

This is your Captain Jani speaking. Today we are cruising at a medium of 5 knots in the lovely calm Broadwaters of northern Gold Coast. Our route starts from Runaway Bay with a progress north to Sanctuary Cove and with a U-turn from there all the way down to the Spit where it is time to turn back. North wind will only help us on the way south so we will have to depend heavily to our 7horsepower engine. We will have to be on the lookout for shallow waters and we will need someone to look at the depthmeter at all times.

On our way we will see amazing beach side houses with all sorts of gardens and helipads and such and such. We will also hit a lot of traffic whilst getting close to the Spit, which is the gateway to the ocean. We will wave as the sea code is, to all other vessels, tallships, jetskis and we might spot a helicopter or two as well.

I am confirming the rumours roaming in the boat that the captain and co-captain of our sailboat are very inexperienced but also reaffirming that we do have a
Look outLook outLook out

We had to have a look out for shallow waters all the time. This is Sherome's father, who's name Ive forgotten, who's boat we were on.
very skillful skipper with us and the're is no drama to be expected.

With a clear blue sky and sun shine we are expecting a very beautiful sunset which you will be able to capture with your camera. I and my co-captain Carolina wish you all a wonderful day on the water 😊

Cheers, Jani & Carolina

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Our future home.... I wish!Our future home.... I wish!
Our future home.... I wish!

Look at the size of this waterfront house and garden!!!

We did actually catch some wind too!

There's was a lot of traffic and action going on the waters. Here a rescue helicopter is training.
Co-Captain CarolinaCo-Captain Carolina
Co-Captain Carolina

Here's an example set by Carolina on how to steer a sailboat :)

Just one of many photos we got from our sailboat.

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