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May 24th 2007
Published: August 5th 2007
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Living on the Gold coast is just great. I like the fact that everyone I know here is bitching about the weather how cold its getting etc etc etc... I laugh at them everytime. Just 'cause you cant wear thongs(flipflops) 24hours a day doesnt mean it is cold. I am from the north, I know when it gets cold, really cold, and this isnt cold. Its chilly in the mornings but not cold. No way.

The weather here, I like.

Im like Main Beach more every day. I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere it has. Probably the most biggest reason for it is that Main Beach is an area for the rich. They have money and they dont have to worry about it. I dont fit in in that way, but then again I dont even try to. I made friends with the people in the cafe next door and we talk daily, as I go for coffee there daily. Same thing happens in the bar next door. People know each other and its easy to get to know people here.

I like.

I feel my english is getting better by the day as well. I dont

Went to Dreamworld and rode all the rides that were worth the riding. In my opinion, Six flags Magic Mountain in LA is still the best amusement park.
have those nasty breaks in my speech, that means its more fluent now. I feel better with it. This reflects at work in a positive way. I am much more open with people and guests. I think its quite funny that people hear an american accent in my speech, than ask me if Im Canadian, because I have this slight accent on it 😊 There are by the way a lot of Canadians here in Australia. Im also getting familiar with the routines at work now as well. It is coming natural to me , to do things in very complicated ways.

I got myself a bike and thats how I move around here now. Its so much easier and faster and cheaper than taking the bus or walking. I hate walking. Its such a slow way of moving from a place to place.

Ive made friends in the weirdest places here. I met Lisa, a melbournian, on a bus and Ive met her and her friends on a couple occasions. They are all Aussies and a lot of fun to hang out with. I met a mother, Nerada, who's son was my guide at Dreamworld, an amusement
Tiger island @ DreamworldTiger island @ DreamworldTiger island @ Dreamworld

The cubs were sooooooo cute!
park, at a italian restaurant. Ive gone to movies with there family as well. This upcoming weekend Im going to the Boat show with them too.

There's a lot to do here. Always some events going on and stuff. I recommend Gold Coast to everyone who love to have fun.

Well, if it doesnt glow from the text above, Im really enjoying my time here. I could really imagine staying here for longer than I am going to. And Im so glad Carolina is coming in two weeks of time. Then I can share all of this with her.


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Gold CoastGold Coast
Gold Coast

Taken from Burleigh Heads

Surfers @ Burleigh Heads. They were fun to watch because these guys were no amateurs!!

The waves were pretty this day at Burleigh Heads, I think caps them well...
Sunset @ Woodroffe AveSunset @ Woodroffe Ave
Sunset @ Woodroffe Ave

Well, Gold coast is known for its Skyscrapers and thats why its hard to see the sunset really well, but I like the color of the sky, so I took a photo anyways. This is from the street I live right now.
I & SushiI & Sushi
I & Sushi

Yeah, it sounds and looks crazy but its true!! I did eat sushi and I might do it again too! It wasnt actually that bad.
Tiger island @ DreamworldTiger island @ Dreamworld
Tiger island @ Dreamworld

I like the way the man's "stone" catches your eye in the picture even with the tiger in the same picture... This tiger weighed over 200 kilos!
Tiger island @ DreamworldTiger island @ Dreamworld
Tiger island @ Dreamworld

The cubs were sooooooo cute!
Kangaroos @ DreamworldKangaroos @ Dreamworld
Kangaroos @ Dreamworld

Kangaroos were really tired.. They just laid on the ground and waited for people to feed them..
Matt & KangarooMatt & Kangaroo
Matt & Kangaroo

This little fellow was my guide at Dreamworld :)
Giant drop!Giant drop!
Giant drop!

My favorite "ride". It goes up to 70 some meters and then just drops you down. So Sweet!

24th May 2007

Catch a tear in my eye.....;)
I can only imagine how wonderful it is for you two, to see each other......Meaning you and Carolina, not you and the tiger:)).I asked Jaakko what you wanted me to ask, and he said that hes gonna contact you about it...Käts juu leitör.
25th May 2007

Love those cats!
Sounds like such fun, where you are, Jani. Even your work sounds interesting. I'm going to forward this blog to Christina in Sweden because she will love the animals. How come are big ole 200 kilo cats wandering around loose next to what they might consider dinner (the guy with the "stone")? Is there like a zoo or something there? I don't know that I'd be so comfortable sharing space with them. Tell Carolina hello from California. lovebonnie
29th May 2007

very nice
Hi you funny guy.. Looks like you are having a cool time.. We are to.. But we miss u!!! we are going to magnetic iceland friday so are we out of the zucchini fields.. yyyeepphhheee... very nice. BIG HUGS from the danish girls
29th May 2007

Cats :)
They had a tiny zoo there with Tigers, Crocs, dingos, koalas, snakes and kangaroos. It was quite weird to walk from a rollercoaster to a pond and you see this 15 feet crocodile right in it.
1st June 2007

So jealous
Looking at all the lovely pictures I am sooooo jealous. Want to be in Australia tooooo! What a fabulous visit you are having. Enjoy.

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