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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island June 6th 2013

Up early again yesterday Wednesday to leave about an hour before high tide, to give us plenty of water under the keel and also so the currents could flush us out when we reached the mouth of the river into The Sandy Straight again. I had talked to Brett previously at the marina about the markers not matching the chart and he said quite a few had been washed away with the flood in January and probably wouldn't trust them as he wasn't sure if they had been put back in the right places yet. Fortunately I remembered that the chart plotter leaves a track of where the boat has been so we were able to follow this, from our trip up the river, with confidence. Bit of grey day with scattered showers but the plan ... read more
fun in the hot tub
Family shot at the viewpoint
Getting into the dingy near the resort

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island May 27th 2013

Was watching a British documentary about dogs last night with Martin Clunes. He "went all the way to Australia" to visit Fraser Island to see dingos. Was odd to see this TV program from the homeland visiting an island that we were actually at. Up on time today (Monday) to leave Garry's. The French catamaran "First Trax" that we originally anchored behind was running his engines again - I assume he was charging his batteries like he had yesterday afternoon. We cranked up the engine, pulled up the anchor hand! (the new bolt for the stripper fitted well but now the other bolt needs replacing - and the winch itself only worked briefly too), and finally left Garry's cautiously via the shallow but slightly quicker northern entrance. Then turned north and continued to follow the ... read more
Luna Ray at South White Cliffs anchorage
Nice boat - with hovercraft!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island May 26th 2013

Well the few days of bad weather seems to be forever increasing and we are still hiding out at Garry's Anchorage S25 37.84 E152 58.34 Friday - I couldn't sleep well so got to see beautiful calm dawn. After some light rain, a rainbow and a late breakfast, we headed back to the camping area, now better clothed and with "Rid" to fend off the mossies. Followed the track south which was sign-posted closed to cars as the bridge was not safe. Found the bridge as the forest gave way to marsh land. Starting to get an appreciation of Alex's stamina for walking. Turned back quite soon after the bridge as we started to get an appreciation of our stamina for carrying Alex! We returned to the boat as the wind started to build and this ... read more
Naomi and Alex resting
Outside Stewart Island Holiday homes
Another view of Garry's anchorage

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island April 19th 2013

Hey all! Here's a short video of my (brief) time on Fraser Island! Mike... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island April 17th 2013

The day started with a beautiful sunrise around 6am worth getting up early for though. This was followed very a two hour journey to Fraser Island which is an island that is made up purely of sand. To get there we take a ferry, our truck a lorry and two jeeps. On arrival we all disembark on the the highway, or the beach as most of us know it. We journey along avoiding various obstacles on the beach like rocks, a few shipwrecks, soft sand and of course the sea. We stopped for a cuppa on beach beach before proceeding to Lake McKenzie where we had a swim in the lake followed by lunch. The roads which are all sand were full of potholes and the journey was extremely bumpy. After lunch we ventured into the ... read more
First glimpse of Fraser Island
Mckenzie Lake
The highway

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island April 5th 2013

Grace and Mag, Fraser Island was absolutely amazing and it was really good waether too so it made it extra special. It's a big group trip of about 25 people but I already knew some of the people there from meeting them in Noosa and other places so that was cool too. On the first day we got up at 6am in the hostel to get a quick overview of what to expect and a safety briefing about driving on sand because who ever was over 21 with a license was going to be driving a 4x4 on the island. We all got the ferry over to the island at 8.30ish. Fraser is the biggest sand island in the world and nothing prepared me for the beauty of it - absolutely stunning! We went to a ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island February 28th 2013

Fraser island is the biggest sand island in the world, with a 75 mile stretch of unbroken beach perfect for cruising along in a 4x4. We did a 3 day, 2 night tag-along tour, camping under the stars and driving at high speeds along the flat beach and hanging onto our seats as we got flung around the car on the bumpy sand tracks. Here's a quick summary of the trip: - importance of alcohol - the initial briefing gave us no information on what we would be doing or what we needed, apart from highlighting the importance of alcohol - james a.k.a. more money than sense - decided he didnt need any clothes apart from one pair of shorts, b... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island February 24th 2013

And so, our concluding blog on that amazing day on Fraser Island/'K'gari, just moved literally into the twilight zone. We were about to encounter a truly mystical experience, incredibly captured on camera by Basho. Picking up from part two, As we were heading from the beach, en route to the ferry we drove back into the forest for a quick stop at the Spirit Tree. Our guides informed us, that on several occasions, photographs of the Spirit Tree, have been taken, with supernatural phenomena turning up in photos of the tree. Many photos were taken by our party including Bilbo, but knowing Basho for the last 24 years, I have witnessed several inexplainable phenomena occur in her presence. such as the rare dolphin kiss experience at Tin Can Bay, which just had to be seen to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island January 23rd 2013

One of the highlights of our trip - we had the BEST time ever on Fraser Island! (Fun fact: the largest sand island in the world!) Timing it perfectly to make it back just before the cyclone hit, the weather was gorgeous. In our group there were 3 cars of 8, and its safe to say ours was the best (obvs). With our two favourite funny little men Freddie and Michael, two Sweedish girls (Ida and Jonna) and the tallest Jamaican man you'll ever meet, who was high the entire time and drank whiskey straight from his water bottle, we were set up for a very funny time. On the first day, after and early start and a 2 hour car journey to get there, we arrived at the ferry to Fraser Island. The water was ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island January 22nd 2013

After driving through the magnificent forest and fresh water lakes, we emerged onto the eastern shoreline of Fraser Island, or K'gari to the Butchulla tribe, to tackle 70 miles of beach in a 4wd. Shortly after, we arrived at the Maheno wreck, which was a New Zealand passenger liner, converted to a 1st world war hospital ship, that was later purchased by japanese steel recyclers. Unfortunately enroute from N.Z to Japan it was caught up in a severe cyclone that grounded it on Fraser Island's eastern shoreline in 1935. Since that fateful day, it has sat rusting away at the mercy of the elements for decades. As our 4wd approached from a distance it was an eerie sight, to see the ship looming larger than life on the horizon. Bilbo tried to push it back out ... read more
dazz pushing Maheno
The Cathedrals
nova bush medicine

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