Fraser Island Friday 6th May 2016

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May 6th 2016
Published: May 6th 2016
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Waddy Point on Fraser Island to Kingaroy on the mainland.

Three generationsThree generationsThree generations

Paul, Cohen and I. Paul and I have not shaved since we left home.
Fraser Island Friday 6th May 2016
Today we got up prepared to leave the Island. As I have mentioned in earlier posts the tide times are important. High tide was 7.15 am and low tide was at 1.16 pm. This meant we should leave at about 10 am. Paul wanted to leave earlier but we knew it would be hard to leave too early. We compromised and agreed we would leave at 9 am. In the end he convinced us to leave at 8 am. He was proven wrong very quickly. We had only gone 7 kms and hit our first beach. The tide was too high and the cars were running too hard to just move a very short distance. We decided to wait the tide out at Indian Head and went for a walk up the cliff. The view from here was beautiful on both the North and South sides of Eastern beach. We finally left Indian Head at 9 am. The tide was on its way out and even though the sand was still soft it was better than an hour before. By the time we got to Eurong the tide had gone out a fair bit
View of Waddy PointView of Waddy PointView of Waddy Point

This view was taken from the top of Indian Head point and is looking North to Waddy Point which is where we're have been staying for the last five days.
and we were doing about 80 km an hour on the beach. The car traffic was also increasing but was still light. Eurong has a bakery so we all filled up with sugary cakes and Tonina had her coffee. We were all happy and headed off to Hook Point. Hook point was going to be the biggest challenge as it comes to tides. Right at the point there is a Mangrove and the tide goes right up to the Mangroves at high tide and leaves no room for cars to pass. There is an inland road but we thought we would not need to use it. We got to the Mangroves and the sea water had receded somewhat but there were still puddles for us to traverse. We continued on and thankfully there was enough room for us to pass. As we passed Hook point there was the ferry just about to unload its cargo. We waited no more than 5 mins and didn't even get a chance to get out of the car. Getting on and off the ferry were uneventful. On the road out we saw signs of a underbody car wash. We headed for that and found a car wash that had jets under the car to remove as much salt water as possible. After that we headed to Kingaroy which was about 3 hrs by car. Got there at 2.30pm after a Maccas hit.

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A view of the Eastern beach from Indian PointA view of the Eastern beach from Indian Point
A view of the Eastern beach from Indian Point

Here we are looking to the South at Eastern Beach and as you can probably see the tide was down but not down enough.
Hook Point FerryHook Point Ferry
Hook Point Ferry

We are just arriving and the boat was already there and unloading. We had no time to think and all of a sudden we were being loaded on. Only four cars in front of us.
Hook Point FerryHook Point Ferry
Hook Point Ferry

This opens at both end. You drive on and then drive off at the other end. We found the ship mate was fishing as the cars were being loaded.

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