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February 29th 2008
Published: March 8th 2008
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At end of February we set out to fetch Max, returning from Malaysia, from Coolangata airport. Afterwards we went for lunch in a Korean restaurant at Gold Coast and had a good stroll at the beach front and border to NSW (Tweed Heads). In the afternoon we drove to Brisbane for some shopping. There I temporarily had to say good-bye to the guys. I took the bus to Maryborough for my final destination: Fraser Island, the big sandy island. As I arrived very late in the afternoon in Maryborough, I quickly tried to find the hostel that LonelyPlanet recommended. When I arrived there, this was just a pub, and the crowd there told me that this place no longer offers accommodation. OK, first: have a few drinks with these guys in order to digest this shock!. As time passed too quickly in the bar, the only recommendation for night-stay these guys at the bar could give me was already closed at 22:15. puh.... OK, get your stuff together and find a suitable bench in the park. Temperature was not cold, and it was not raining. ... In the morning I woke up early, and the view was just spectacular!. Red-golden sunrise shimmering in the Maryborough river with some yachts and houseboats in it. Just incredible. I quickly finished my morning toilet in a nearby public toilet, and headed for a bus information centre to fetch a bus from Maryborough to nearby Harvey Bay. While waiting for the bus I met twice two very kind old guys from Mayborough, who told me some stories of ancient time of this city. Arrived in Harvey Bay I met a very nice and cool lady in a harbour front cafe, and had a short chat with her. Then I took the ferry to Kingfisher's Bay on Fraser Island, bought some sandwich and drink there and headed for Lake McKenzie (which Bea recommended to me!). Walking in the sand is very difficult and makes you feel very exhausted very soon, so I made many rests. In the afternoon I arrived at Lake McKenzy, and I have to admit: "if paradise is half as nice...". Bea did not promise too much! I had a nap at the white beach in front of the crystal clear water, and when I looked up, a Dingo was snatching my sandwich out of my nearby rucksack. hmmm... I was scared to hell! As I did not know how to react, I quickly grabbed my backpack, and ran into the lake. Paradise has lost its charm. I now headed to the station camp ground in the centre of the island, from which I knew that it had fences and was Dingo safe. Arriving there very late, I just had a quick chat with young high school guys playing poker there, and quickly tried to put up my tent and find some sleep, as I was exhausted and still very impressed from the Dingo encounter. The next morning I got up very late, the high school group already left, and there was just one other couple also ready for leaving. After I finished my breakfast, another couple (from Czech Republic) came around, asking me for some information about this island. We agreed that we could walk back to Kingfisher's Bay via Lake McKenzy together. This couple was very sympathetic, and spontaneous. They were on a world sailing trip with their small sailing boat, and they decided to make a stopover at Fraser Island. Together with this couple I stayed 1 more night at Lake McKenzy, and the following day we headed back to the ferry pick-up point. I spent a few bucks for a very delicious and big seafood pizza there, and met a former German lady that settled down in Australia 20 years ago. She told me many interesting stories of her emigration in former days, and about her opinion of pros and cons of Australia. Equipped with this information I took the ferry back to Harvey Bay. As there was plenty of time, I made a quick stop at the lady with the cafe bar, and she was very curious how I fared during those few days on Fraser Island. As it got nearly too late for fetching my bus to Maryborough, she offered me to drive me to the main bus stop at Turong. Just kind and helpful those Australian people! Arrived in Maryborough, this time I could organize a bed for the night in the former PostOffice saloon, where bar life was just awesome, and I felt transformed to ancient Western days, when my sleeping lodge was shown to me. I had nice Western dreams this night. The next day I just strolled a little bit around in Maryborough, then I took the bus via Noosa Head to Brisbane, and there back to Toowoomba, where Max, Steve and Riyan picked me up with the car. -- Although I started out this journey on my own, I am very thankful for this great experience and encounter with many different kind of people.

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