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February 18th 2018
Published: February 19th 2018
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When we left Cairns and got on the Greyhound, I was not at all looking forward to the 6-hour bus trip. Lucky for us, we sat at the front and the busdriver proved to be quite chatty. He told us many stories and we were in Townsville before we knew it! But not before we saw a Cassowary on the side of the road (looks like an emu and it's quite rare), another animal we could tick of our bucketlist.

Magnetic Island
We befriended a Brazilian girl on the bus, who stayed in the same hostel so we took the ferry to Magnetic Island together! On a hike through the bush we met another girl, I still love how easy it is to get in touch with people here. Later, we went to a place with many wallabies living between a bunch of huge rocks. The hostel gave us wallaby food, and although they were shy at first, they ate out of our hands after some patience! They're adorable, and so tiny!

During a tour through the wildlife habitat, we got to hold a turtle, a bearded dragon, a cockatoo, a phyton (yes, I was scared) and A KOALA!! They are so soft! On a walk through the forts later (which they used to defend themselves against Japan during WWII), we spotted a koala in the wild as well.

Airlie Beach - Whitsundays
When we arrived at Airlie Beach, we planned an early night. Our evening took a different turn when we sat down next to the singer's girlfriend. The bartender kept coming over with free shots and pitchers of vodka raspberry!

The next morning, we went on a sailing trip. All we did was snorkel, swim and chill the entire time. One evening, we saw dolphins swimming around our boat. Apparently that is very rare there, it was so exciting! Thecond day we had quite a strong wind, so we had to put our legs over one side of the boat so that we wouldn't fall of on the other side (which was almost in the water by that point), I loved it!

Fraser island
After a nightbus, we went to Fraser island. Again, we went swimming a lot and did a little hiking. I "showered" in Eli's creek (ice cold but cleaner than salt water), had fish eat the dead skin from my feet and the rest of my body (that tickles!) and washed my hair with sand at Lake McKenzie (ps: do not try this at home, it only works with a specific type of sand but it made my hair so soft!). But the best of all, we drove a 4x4. The roads were bumpy and small so that was quite an adventure. I can't describe the feeling of driving a 4x4 on the beach, barefoot, going 80 km/h. It was great!

Today I will travel to Noosa, and Emma is going to Brisbane, so my solo travel adventure begins now! I still haven't fully realised it, but I'm sure it'll be fun.

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It looks like a cute little dog, but we had to bring plastic sticks to the beach at night to defend ourselves if they would attack us. They are related to wolves and hunt in packs, so not so cute at all.
SS MahenoSS Maheno
SS Maheno

Shipwreck at Fraser island
Champagne poolsChampagne pools
Champagne pools

The waves crash into these pools the entire time, creating bubbles that make it look like champagne!
View from Indian Head (huge rock)View from Indian Head (huge rock)
View from Indian Head (huge rock)

The Europeans used this rock to murder aboriginals and Europeans that broke their rules: they would just push them off...

4th March 2018

Emma and you had a great time together. But I am sure you will have a splendid time on your own as well, Anne! :) As you mentioned yourself, it's so easy to get in touch with other travelers. And I can tell you it only gets easier when traveling on your own. You will get even more spontanious destinations. Enjoy the "second" part of your trip!

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