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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Dalby December 17th 2013

We are still in Dalby Queensland. Peter is still driving buses. Wendy is no longer working for Muffin Break so is looking for other employment. She has been learning to drive small buses with the intention of getting a job alongside Peter. Peter is a good (and patient) teacher. Yesterday, 16th December 2013, Wendy went for her LR driving test ……and passed! She is now able to drive mini buses and light trucks … and our motorhome. We are hoping that she will secure a driving job in the New Year. To celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary we headed east to Gatton where Shannon had been to a residential school for a few days. We stayed the night in a very noisy hotel. After a lovely breakfast we headed out for some geocaching/sightseeing/exploring the Lockyer Valley. ... read more
Alan Cunningham Lookout
Happy Grandparents Day
They haven't changed .....

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Dalby October 28th 2011

After some internet searching we decided to check out a caravan park in Bell, a small town north of Dalby. It was a lovely little place and the lady in charge was friendly and welcoming. Friday nights they do woodfired pizza... bonus!... so that was dinner sorted. It was a tasty pizza. Unfortunately there was no mobile / internet service in the caravan park, so our plan of staying a week turned into yet another one night stay. We took the opportunity to unpack the ute and sort through the boxes of stuff we're carrying and do a bit of rearranging... as my dad says, putting the things you never / hardly use to the back. We think we've found a boxful that we can turf when we return to Brisbane at Christmas time. I really ... read more
Noah enjoying all the outdoor time
I want the camera
Dogs setup and secure

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Dalby October 27th 2011

We made farewells to my parents and Aunt & Uncle and made for our goal of Dalby. The roads from Leyburn to Cecil Plains were narrow, bumpy and in some parts covered with shallow water. Trucks don't slow down on those kinds of roads and Ryan was rather happy to stop in Cecil Plains for a break. We had burgers for lunch from the corner shop and Noah had a vegemite sandwich. The caravan park in Dalby we wanted to stay at wouldn't accept the dogs for more than 2 nights, so on to choice number two. Unfortunately the showgrounds don't seem to accept caravaners anymore, so the easy choice was made... one night in Dalby rather than a week. I decided to take the dogs and Noah for a walk in the afternoon... we stopped ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Dalby October 3rd 2011

One advantage of school holidays gives us the opportunity for Kevin to take some time off work and extend a weekend break to explore some more of the surrounding countryside around Brisbane. So with recommendations from friends and a three day weekend booked we drove north west out past Ipswich and onto the Brisbane Valley Highway towards Ferndale, a town locked in a time warp and travelled back 50 years in time but it did have the "The Best Pie Shop in Queensland!". We drove over The Wivenhoe Dam and stopped for a coffee and pastry and wondered at the size of the lake and tried to imagine how the water levels must have looked back in January. The road took us further north to Esk and onto Yarraman and a drive through the Blackbutt Forest ... read more
The Wivenhoe Dam
Lunch time
King Parrots

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Dalby November 5th 2010

Friday 5th November arrived but there doesn’t seem to be any thoughts here about lighting bonfires or letting off loads of fireworks to celebrate Guy Fawkes night (maybe not a bad thing). Today we went off in search of a fence but before that I thought that we should go to see an historic property which was in the same direction. Graham wasn’t too keen but bowed to my obvious enthusiasm and before long we arrived at Jimbour House. By the entrance was an honesty box so we put in the requested $3 each and picked up a leaflet. The public are allowed to wander round the garden but not the house. We parked by an elaborate water tower and a lovely little chapel that had been built in around1870. To get to the house we ... read more
Historic Water Tower at Jimbour House
Beautiful avenue of Jacaranda trees
Jimbour Station Church and water tower behind

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Dalby November 4th 2010

Monday morning, the 1st of November, and we guessed that it was a bit warmer here (approaching 30 degrees most days now) than it was back home in the UK! I was very sloppy in the last blog by spelling the make of Graham’s Aussie hat wrong - it should have been ‘Akubra’ and I forgot to put in the photo of some of his pressies - oh dear! We needed to get a small problem sorted on our computer so we popped down into town and went to ‘Major Bytes’ a computer shop that David had recommended. After explaining the problem the very helpful young bloke there said that it would take about an hour to fix and he would give us a ring when it was ready. We wondered about having a coffee in ... read more
Lovely colourful shrub in David's garden
Bottle Brush flower
Huge and fragrant rose in the back garden

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Dalby June 15th 2010

Roma's an interesting town, big substantial buildings on the main streets, lovely Queenslander homes on large blocks. Besides being a rural town, it also has gas and oil - in fact they have The Big Rig Centre there which explains all about it but we decided not to visit it - maybe next time. We continued east along the Warrego 'Highway', hardly deserving the name as it is a two laned bumpy road, in need of upgrading. It's qute busy with cars, trucks and road trains. We stopped at Miles for lunch - a pleasant little town, then drove around the next town, Chinchilla - 'the Campdraft Capital of Australia'. Chinchilla was a surprise as it was quite a big town. After looking around Chinchilla, we drove on to Dalby, where we are staying tonight. On ... read more
all about the cactoblastis
The School of Arts Hotel, Roma
Bottle trees, Roma

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Dalby May 17th 2010

We started work on the cotton farm on 16th April 2010. We were living in a house (rented by the farmer for us - the farmer lives about 1 hour away from his farm so during the picking season prefers to have a base nearer the farm) and we lived and worked with a couple from Estionia who were really ncie. Initially there was lots of prepartion work to do - re-roping big tarpaulins ready to cover the finished cotton modules, maintainence on farm machinery, cleaning, pulling out old cotton plants, moving irrigation pipes out of the way etc. So we prepared for about a week and then started to pick the cotton. All the picking is done by big machine pickers, so our job was to sit on one of the 4 module builders, and ... read more
Cotton Picking, Dalby (5)
Cotton Picking, Dalby (8)
Chance (Farmdog) (2)

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