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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Daintree National Park October 15th 2018

Tyrone kommt morgens von seinem Ausflug nach Brisbane zurück und erzählt erst einmal ausführlich von seinen Erlebnissen. Er hat es sehr genossen mit Gerson Zeit zu verbringen und Gerson hat ihm seine Bleibe und einige schöne Ecken gezeigt. Leider war das Wetter mies, sonst hätten die beiden Männer sicher noch mehr gemeinsam erkundet. Wir Mädels sind schon wieder im Erkundungsmodus und wollen nach dem Frühstück schnell los. Es wird leider trotzdem etwas spät und wir fahren erst noch einmal nach Cairns rein: wir haben beschlossen, morgen in Richtung Airlie Beach und Whitsundays aufzubrechen um Australien auf der Ziellinie noch ins rechte Licht zu rücken. Wir buchen also bei Happy Tours unseren Tagesausflug für übermorgen und starten dann in Richtung Daintree Rainforest. Die Strecke nach Port Douglas ist abermals schön, schlängelt sie sich doch entlang der wundervoll ... read more
Ausblick Daintree Rainforrest
Daintree Walk

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Daintree National Park August 22nd 2017

One of the most beautiful places on Earth.... read more

Lass mich dir anstelle eines öden Blogeintrags eine meiner neuen Kurzgeschichten erzählen: Max blickte der mit dem Tanklastzug beladenen Flussfähre hinterher, die träge auf das andere Ufer zu glitt. Wegen der Explosionsgefahr wollten die Fährleute keine anderen Fahrzeuge an Bord lassen, so das ihm nichts anderes übrig blieb als zu warten. Außer ihm hatte es nur zwei andere Fahrer so weit nördlich verschlagen. Kein Wunder, denn jenseits des Flusses erstreckte sich eine weitgehend menschenleere und ungezähmte Wildnis aus uralten Regenwäldern und zerklüfteten Bergen, die erst tausend Kilometer entfernt an Australiens nördlichsten Punkt, Cape York, endete. Max senkte den Blick auf den schlammig-trüben, durch die Regenfälle angeschwollenen, Fluss. Da und dort glaubte er die Umrisse jener riesigen Panzerechsen auszumachen, die von den Einheimischen lakonisch “Salties” gena... read more
Kroko-Warnschilder überall
Wary Cassowary
Typische Schlechtwetterfurt

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Daintree National Park January 11th 2016

The tour bus picked us up at 9am and Bridget our aboriginal guide introduced us to the others on the tour, one young American couple and Philip who was creating a short advertising video and that was it! Luckily for us, peak season is over and so are the crowds. We make our way to the Daintree rainforest which is the oldest rainforest in the world and a World Heritage National park. It is so old that the Amazon rainforest is a mere baby by comparison. Something like 140 million years old compared to the Amazon which is about 7 million years old. Yet it was only 3 years ago that some control was put in place to protect the forest from the ever increasing visitors who were potentially risking the ecological balance and future of ... read more
Smoking ceremony
Together with Uncle Tom
Melissa in Mossman Gorge

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Daintree National Park April 19th 2015

What an amazing last 2 days we have had. We hired a car and despite the rain we headed off to the Daintree. First stop was Mossman Gorge. The rain had stopped and it was pretty hot. This is an incredible place. The beautiful rushing rivers were crisp and clear. It’s a spectacular place, I can’t think of enough superlatives. We managed to get off the board walks and get into the real bush. The trees are incredible, massive, ancient and a site to behold. We found a beautiful creek and I had a paddle. Swimming wasn’t recommended today apparently but I took my shoes off at the large waterhole and had a paddle. It was pretty lucky because I realised I had a leech trying hard to attach itself near my ankle! It had caused ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Daintree National Park March 20th 2015

On Wednesday we had a fantastic day travelling up the coast into the Daintree rain forest. We had a boat trip up the river and saw crocodiles, walks in the forest spoting massive spiders and lizards, walks along the beach at Cape Tribulation where rain forest meets barrier reef and a swim in cool water at Mossman Gorge. And local grown tea, local caught fish and local made ice cream made from local grown exotic fruit. Definitely a must do experience. On Thursday we checked with reception on the state of the cyclone threat. It appeared that the worst would miss us but we could expect heavy rain. We took a long walk along four mile beach and marvelled at all the coconuts lying there waiting to be eaten. We completed the walk around Port Douglas ... read more
an appropriate shiraz

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Daintree National Park January 8th 2015

Mossman Gorge was well worth the visit. As this is aboriginal land we had to leave our car and take a short bus ride to the beginning of the path which we followed into the rainforest. We soon emerged into the gorge to look down on the Mossman River flowing between huge boulders. It didn't take too much persuasion to escape from the sticky afternoon heat and enjoy a good swim in the river, the first really cool water we had swam in since Cornwall last summer. The girls happily spent half an hour jumping off boulders into this lovely refreshing water, while around us warm rain began to fall. Quite a feeling swimming in the rain in a rainforest river! Daintree Village was our next stop where we checked into a little B & B ... read more
Mossman Gorge
Jungle Surfing.
Show off!

We loved our NP camp at Noah's Beach! Could have stayed longer- canopy surfing, beach, rocky waterholes!... read more

Early start today, with a 7.15 pick up by "Tony's Tropical Tours" for a day of adventure up into the Daintree Rainforest...which turned out to be one of the many highlights of the holiday so far. For those interested, you will find lots about Daintree (which is the oldest rainforest in the world) and Auntie Pauline also said there was a great documentary about wildlife in the Cape Tribulation which is one of the sights we visited. This was a full day trip with 8 of us in a small coach, with Adrian our highly amusing and knowledgeable Ozzie guide. It took me a while to be confident about the knowledgeable bit since he announced up front that he was a trained hairdresser which didnt sound like the perfect qualification for fighting crocodiles bare handed!!! We ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Daintree National Park October 27th 2013

After 24 hours in planes, as we landed in Cairns the pilot told us that it was raining. And all day, on and off, we did have tropical rain showers but it was hard to be down hearted. We strolled beside the palm fringed ocean, the temperature hit 30 and we headed into a coffee shop when another short, sharp rain shower hit town. After a day chilling, to adjust our body clocks, we headed 2 hours north, using a little chain ferry to cross into the Daintree National Park. This is untouched rainforest with a bewildering array of flora and fauna. Australia is so isolated that much of what we see is unique to the country and, therefore, hard to identify. Even the pigeons are spectacularly multicoloured. Our accommodation in the park was a permanent ... read more
Red-bellied black snake
Ginger flower
White kneed cricket

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