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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cooktown August 3rd 2022

Joseph Banks Journal - June 1770 10th June - but scarce were we warm in our beds when we were called up with the alarming news .... the ship being fast ashore upon a rock. 11th June - she leaked so fast that with all our pumps we could just keep her free... Fear of Death now stared us in the face. 12th June - at night came to an anchor...the fother keeping her almost that we were in an instant raised from almost despondency to the greatest hopes. 13th June - In the morn we weighed with a fine breeze of wind and steered along ashore among innumerable shoals...nothing was met with which could possibly suit our situation. The Pinnace that had gone far ahead was not returned, nor did she till nine o'çlock, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cooktown July 11th 2015

I got on the bus to cooktown, and was slightly taken aback by how much older everyone else was on the tour. We had a description of what we were passing all the way along the journey. It wasn't quite what I had imagined bit I still enjoyed the journey. We crossed the daintree river on a cable ferry. Once in the daintree rainforest we stopped for tea and scones, the tea was grown in the rainforest and was very nice. We continued on the journey and not long had to turn on the 4wheel drive, the track became very bumpy and much less comfortable, but the views of the rainforest were wonderful. We stopped at the lions den for lunch before continuing onto normal roads, we passed the black mountains and into cooktown. We headed ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cooktown August 25th 2014

Hello guys, Today was a boring day. Getting up early, packing our stuff, and leaving Port Douglas to go to Cooktown, which is the northest place in Australia. Yay. On the road we saw some crossing kangaroos, some dead kangaroos and lots of kettle, just standing next to the road and staring at us. On the way we stopped at the Lion Den Hotel, a great place in the middle of the rainforrest with good food. We had some nacho's, peri peri chicken burgers or wraps and went back on the road. When we finally arrived in Cooktown after 3 hours, we had to look for an accomodation. So we checked out 3 places where we could stay, and finally chose the first one. It was a motel at the sea, called Seaview Motel. How original. ... read more
Great aussie humour
Seaview sunset

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cooktown June 10th 2014

Well, dreary skies and tiredness convinced Naomi we should stay an extra day in Port Douglas, and in the afternoon the clouds lifted, gladly along with the mossies & sandflies - for a few hours anyway. Today we left at first light, down the creek passed the anchored boats reflected in the still water and out into the sea which was quite calm - surprising as there was strong wind warning issued for today. The batteries needed a charge so didn’t mind motoring for a while and we had a light norwesterly breeze so put up the sails which help steady us against the roll from the mild swell. We reached Snapper Island and the mouth of the Daintree River when the wind dropped out completely. Naomi woke from a bit of extra sleep in the ... read more
Pink clouds at sunrise
Naomi catching up on sleep
Headland just north of the Daintree River mouth

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cooktown November 15th 2013

Just a quickie to say we are back from a lovely few days at lizard island.... more on that later. Just passing cooktown, nice sailing conditions, and about to clock up some miles overnight as winds are good. We have almost a full moon to light the way and just some reefs and tankers to avoid. Luke... read more
Tanker by moonlight

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cooktown November 9th 2013

Since tuesday, one day has followed the next as we swing in this endlessly windy anchorage, but the batteries are staying well charged from the wind generator. Every day we take a trip ashore, through the chop and usually get some salt spray over us. We could have left three days ago but something always seems to stop us. Yesterday we had to print up a document for this years boat insurance so visited the library. It had a new photocopier so we were able to just stick our USB stick in to print it. It also had a great selection of cool toys for Alex to play with in the play area. We walked further inland to visit the Botanical Gardens, not usually our thing but these ones are quite historical. They date from the ... read more
Finch Bay
our landing spot
The Chinese memorial

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cooktown November 5th 2013

Thursday 31st October we left the inlet and headed out to sea, a little nervous as the tide was low and the water is shallow around the entrance to Port Douglas. There was a light breeze from the east which was fine as we wanted give the engine a run. One to test the recent repairs and also to charge the batteries which was now sorely needed. The engine temperature was running a few degrees higher than usual which had me a little concerned but it stayed stable and we arrived with no problems and picked up the outer mooring at the Low Isles. It wasn't long before we were being circled by sharks again. The day-trip tourists were just leaving and so we went to the deserted beach for a swim. There were sharks around ... read more
Milk time for Alex at Snapper Island
Underway at dawn
Passing Cape Tribulation

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cooktown September 5th 2013

The Blessed Trinity (Brian Wayne and me)Cairns has really grown up and flourished in a really gradual way since I was here last -28 years ago. Wayne has never had a look at this Coral Sea jewel that sits on Trinity Bay, other than to step out into the streets of the city after a conference. So he has never had the chance to experience the people and see the spread of this town and the way the residences hug the luscious tropical valleys of the huge mountains that tower over her like a silent sentinel.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cooktown June 7th 2013

Geo: -15.4675, 145.249Paronella Park to Cooktown 27th MayThe time is passing so quickly now, I can't believe we have to leave the van in Cairns in 2 ½ weeks.At the end of the last blog we were leaving the coast for Paronella Park near Mena Creek. In the early 1900s a poor Catalan immigrant left his home land and his betrothed and became a cane cutter in the area of Mena Creek. He had promised to return to marry the young lady when he had made some money. He worked hard, made his fortune and went to find her. Unfortunately it had taken him 11 years and after 8 years (which seems more than reasonable) she had given up waiting and married someone else. Her mother was loathe to wave him and his fortune farewell so ... read more
At last, you can see the platypus
Butterfly on vehicle
Grey headed Robin

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cooktown April 25th 2013

Cooktown were Captain Cook hit the reef and had to come ashore and to make repairs to Endevour. A small town but with lots of history, apart from Captain Cook, with gold mining and a strong Chinese influence The musem is a must see, allow at least 3 hrs, includes narritive of Captain Cook's log while he was here, displayed on boards in chronical order day by day.Also the full history of Cooktown, a very historical town. Dotted around the town are various monuments and statues to commemerate it's history There is a hill lookout where Captain Cook looked out over the rivers and reef to determine his passage out , today it's a well defined tourist attraction and gives a good 360 deg view of the surrounds, and the view he would have see in ... read more
Lighthouse at Cooktown
Monument to Captain Cook

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