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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cape York June 23rd 2021

Up early for our departure to Fruit Bat Falls and a swim. We travelled the Telegraph Track passing through some rugged countryside. We mostly travelled on bypass roads as some sections of the track are impassable. First stop was the Bramwell Station Roadhouse where we had a photo taken next to a termite mound larger than the bus. Rain started falling. We stopped to see a cairn erected for the 3 men left behind by Kennedy. Fruit Bat Falls - an amazing place. The weather was overcast but warm and the water of Eliot Creek was clear and lovely. Tricky to get in but quite a few of us did. The object is to swim against the flow of the water towards the weir so that the water coming over is like a waterfall. I didn't ... read more
Fruit Bat Falls
Vicki in the falls
Some of our group under the waterfall

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cape York June 18th 2021

Battlecamp Road opened on 10 June after the wet. A mixture of red dirt and bitumen ( some new sections). We stopped at old Laura Homestead for morning tea. The buildings that are left are well preserved and give an insight into homestead living. It was first established in 1879 by two Irish cousins. There are station buildings, stockyards, structural foundations, native and introduced trees and vegetation. Many areas have been restored. The Laura River is located below the grounds. We drove on to Quinkan Cultural Centre, unfortunately we could not go to the Quinkan Galleries to see the 15000 year old rock paintings due to an internal dispute within the community. As an alternative we collected our guide Ray who took us for a walk up to Split Rock to see the rock art there. ... read more
Old Laura Homestead area
It will take a bit of work!!!
Old Laura Homestead

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cape York July 20th 2015

Hi travel followers. Well, another couple of event filled weeks have passed and we thought it time for an update. We have now ticked another item off the bucket list as we have now travelled via the Peninsula Development Road and the Old Telegraph Track all the way up Cape York to the Northern Most "tip" of Australia plus Thursday and Horn Islands. As part of the trip we visited and stayed at places like Cape Tribulation, Cooktown, Laura, Lakefield National Park, Musgrave Station, Coen, Archer River, Lockhart River, Portland Roads, Iron Range National Park, Morton Telegraph Station, Chilli Beach, Weipa, Twin Falls, Elliot Falls, Fruit Bat Falls, Bamaga, Seisia and of course the very top of Australia. All in all it was an excellent trip up including all the side trips and after spending a ... read more
Us at the "tip" of Australia
Sunrise at sea
Just one more beautiful stop along the way

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cape York July 21st 2014

The kids had a great time swimming in the falls for a whole day!... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cape York July 21st 2014

Yesterday we got up early and drove the last few Kms to the Tip and walked over the rocks to the famous sign. It was great because we just bet all the tourist buses to get our photos. We then took a 4wd track along the 5 beaches on the East of the Tip!... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cape York July 21st 2014

After leaving Canal Creek Early on Fri 18th we ran into some friends we had met broken down. Thank goodness Greg had a cordless angle grinder as they had bent the rim of their tyre and couldn't get it off!!!! An hr and a half later we got back on the road And headed for the Jardine River Ferry Crossing!... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cape York July 18th 2014

Having a lovely peaceful morning on the beach at Punsand Bay! Men and some kids gone fishing at 6am. Poor Justo still with a tummy bug laying in bed. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cape York June 26th 2014

We've made it! The northern tip of Australia. This was a few days ago that we have left the east coast of Australia behind. Its been a few weeks without internet connection so this blogs a bit of a long one to fill you in. Wednesday 11th June As with previous days with predicted strong wind warnings the day started almost windlessly - rare for us to see Cooktown in this calm. We motored out after breakfast, this time ignoring the outer markers, motorsailing with the slight breeze and made one last phone call before signal is lost for a long time. Enjoyed a day of flat water and were not able to turn the engine off until after 1pm, and then coasted along for a few hours at about 4 knots with Lizard Island looming ... read more
Lizard Island
Struggling through the marsh land
The remains of the resort

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cape York March 20th 2014

Queen Mary Day 7 Running up the north coast of Queensland with islands scattered on both sides of the vessel. Breakfast as normal and a lecture by a former Ambassador, Ric Smith, representing Australia in India, China, Indonesia and other parts. There was a slight hint of muggy misty rain at times but it was hardly worth noting. The humidity is getting closer to 100%. Lunch with a twist. Eating Spring Bok, now that would have to be a must have again sometime. Not a lot of other activity as we relaxed on board heading towards Thursday Island and running south under PNG across Gulf of Carpentaria. Near one of the islands a chap in a rusting tinnie came out to meet the boat and was standing up while his flimsy craft bobbed up and down ... read more
Queen Mary 2 Day 7

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cape York September 17th 2013

"Let's take the bitumen" he says.The entire morning involved doing a bush mechanics repair on the tail pipe. I am so glad too, because I was certainly feeling the effects of carbon monoxide. Luckily I bought the muffler bandage, muffler putty and good old wire before we left for the trip. Wayne spent quite sometime getting the tailpipe on and was successful. <... read more

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