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February 23rd 2015
Published: February 25th 2015
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I'll keep this post to just the reef day. We did two dives on Friday and some snorkeling. The worst part was that it went by too quickly. The first dive we saw more sea life; I could name every species we saw as well as their diets and water temperature preferences, but that would make this post much too long. We got lucky because the water had poor visibility in the days before our dive, but the day we dove it was pretty clear, especially since now isn't the peak season for diving at the reef.

The best fish we saw was about two feet long and about as high and it followed us throughout our first dive. It would come up to me and stick its nose right in my hand, then circle around and come back to be petted again. The dive crew said they had named him Frank, so apparently he's a fan favorite. Besides Frank, there were tons of schools of fish and all different colors of coral. The deepest we got was about thirty feet.

The second dive didn't have as much sea life, but there were more colorful coral. Again, we went about thirty feet down.

I'll keep the words short for this post because I have a ton of pictures and videos.

These links are to a few videos I took. It's taken me forever to upload just these five (Isn't it 2015!?).

Additional photos below
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25th February 2015

Love the pics! I'm assuming the big fish was Frank? I was impressed with how slow and steady your breathing was on your dives.
26th February 2015

Yes, that was Frank. And my breathing has actually been an issue: through my first seven dives I've discovered that I tend to suck air.
4th March 2015

Would you be able to call or Skype this Friday night our time? If not can you figure out a time when you could. We are both going to be at church Wendesday night and I have parent teacher conferences all day and night Thursday and I have the Viking Cup all day on Saturday and we are going to visit Ryan and Christine on Sunday after church, but you could Skype with us while we are there! Hope everything is going well!!
4th March 2015

I already responded on Facebook, but either Friday or Sunday your time works. If possible I might do both so I can "meet" the little one, but I know he would probably find sleep more interesting than some weird dude on a computer screen anyway.

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