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November 8th 2006
Published: November 8th 2006
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Well Folks I have have departed from paradise on the reef. Again amazing weather, it doesn't get bad on the reef. Spent a couple nights sleeping under the stars on the roof. Me and Marianne (Holland) spnet last night out there. It was freaking great. Man what a great experience. Got to chill out all day with som ereally cool people and was constantly making new friends with all the guests. Reef Encounter's hostie program is mandatory if ur ever in Cairns. Great fun. The Chefs Robbie and Steve are a blast. And Nadine and Marie always take care of drinks behind the bar. What a blast. So on my most recent dives I saw some bigger white tip reef sharks, tons of baricuda, and everything else u can imagine. The highlight of these dives were seeing a pair of Cuttle fish. These are something of a mix between a squid and fish. Really alienlike. But they can change colour instantly to camoflage into there surroundings. I played with these guys from inches away for at leas ten minutes. Look em up on the net to see how weird they look. What made the trip was the snorkel on the way
Shark feeding timeShark feeding timeShark feeding time

Lambs blood get em horny
home, Got to play with a green turtle. He kept coming up for air and swimming wiht me. Got to give him a back rub (don;t get jealous Gowie) he loved it. So heading down to Sydney to have what sounds like one hell of a weekend with Steve (met himn in Poland). But lets get somw pics up for u guys!!!!!!!!



"Keep ur stick on the ice, and ur head up in the corners"

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Dive timeDive time
Dive time

Me Nadine and Chris

8th November 2006

Wow. Amazing. Looked up those fish and their amazing. Gonna definately try the dive around there.
10th November 2006

hey buds ur havn an awesome time i see, guess what man remember mike the kiwi bro that was our quad safari leader hes here right now with me man. Talked to him yesterday for the first time since greece and he was in oakville and toke a train here last night so we are gettin pailed tonight and probably goin to guelph tomorrow should be good man i cant wait. Anyway have a good time man we miss ya and stay safe.
12th November 2006

Hello Sean. So where are you off to next. Glad to see you enjoying your travels. Have enjoyed reading about your travel - awesome. Hope you are well. Take care and keep yourself safe. Love you from the Dickson house.

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