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February 3rd 2009
Published: August 30th 2017
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I sit back at my place in Cairns after 7 weeks in Melbourne.
I have a love /hate relationship with Melbourne, it has everything you could need and even more of stuff that you don't need.
Its where I grew up and spent most of my life, but I don't feel connected to the city any more and I go back under sufferance.
Unfortunately there are still reasons to go back that cannot be ignored.
I live in the wet tropics and enjoy the fact that not to many other people do, its warm, there's plenty of water, trees and fresh air.
But this year I get to go on a great adventure, one that I have played out in my head a thousand times.
Since I first heard my mother tell me about my uncle Melvin who was an Apostolic Missionary in Nigeria for 40 years I have wanted to do some kind of volunteer work in a third world country.
Not for religious reasons, I am no missionary, but to give back, help others less fortunate, to be a brother, to treat and value others as I wish to be treated and valued.
It stems from the belief that the world has enough for everybody and that everybody should have equal access to it, and that sometimes we all need a helping hand and we should be prepared to be that helping hand when others need it.
Well due to some fortunate outcomes the result of a rather unfortunate event, I can now go and pursue my idealistic fantasy.
I leave for Cambodia soon to spend at least 12 weeks in Siem Reap, I have volunteered with an organisation that specialises in community development projects. They work with the members of the communities to build houses, put in wells and drainage systems as well as various other projects that help the community.
My background while appearing haphazard and without direction has strangely enough lead me to being exactly the right type of person for this.
I have come back home to organise myself, my house and my dog.
I will be returning to Melbourne next week to say goodbye to everybody and then its straight to Cambodia.


5th February 2009

Actually you do look a bit like Jello Biafra! Have fun mate, don't eat anything I wouldn't!
5th February 2009

cultural change loved the blog mate, enjoy you trip, look forward to reading more.

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