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July 19th 2006
Published: July 19th 2006EDIT THIS ENTRY

Today I held a koala. Koala claws are sharp. I was also bitten by a giant black swan and a red tailed black cockatoo decided we were bffs. Today is the 19th, it's 7:30pm here. I leave in three days, my first flight leaves at 5:45am the 23rd. I'll put up koala/mean swan/clingy cockatoo photos after that.

I still love it here but now I'm missing home, so it's a perfect time to leave. Always leave wanting a little bit more. My last sunset will be spent on horseback on the beach of the Coral Sea. What a way to go.

To my cousin Carrie- I thought about you today when I was playing with the koala. Apparently, koalas remind me of you. It's probably those claws. Or its nose. Your nose does not look anything like a koala's. Whatever, I can't help my associations


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