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April 20th 2006
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Currently sitting in Cairns, waiting for the remnants of Cyclone Monica to go away.

Day 73 - Paluma (north of Bluewater beach)
about 25 miles north of Townsville. This (and tomorrow) would be my only (relatively) rain free days of this stretch).
Lots of mossies on this (reef encrusted, mangrove backed) beach.

Day 74 - Forrest Beach
Landed on a 'splashy' beach - this is the first beach - inside the reef - that I got broached on in landing.
While planning tomorrows paddle inside the passage between Hinchinbrook and the mainland, I got talking to a sailor who advised me to go on the outside of Hinch. due to crocodiles in the area (some displaced from recent high water and cyclone Larry). (on a latter day, someone else told me the same thing)
I changed my plans, and decided to paddle on the outside.

Day 75 - Cape Richards (north end of Hinchinbrook Island)
On the last bay before landing, I saw 2 large dugongs. At first, I though they weren't afraid of me. It wasn't until I had past them that they noticed me, then made a spashy dive.
(Note, day 75 = April 16, 2006; Happy Easter)

Day 76 - Hutchison Island (one of North Barnard Islands)
Squally, rainy conditions (not unlike last (and future) several days).
On the radio I heard of a new cyclone closing on Cape York peninsula - Monica. I hope to get to the mainland tomorrow for an update.

Day 77 - Bramston Beach
Bramston beach was hit hard by cyclone Larry. Where I landed, they still had no power. All of the trees had been stripped of leaves (I noted the stark contrast when arriving in Cairns the next day - comparing to the green forrested hillsides).
Another squally day.

Day 78 - Cairns
Same 'squally' weather - until the weather associated with Cyclone Monica came down and hit me (easily identified - as the normal 'squalls came in as darkish grey clouds from the east, the cyclone weather came in as a black line from the north). It was continuous hard rain for the remainder of the day (and following day(s)).


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