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January 30th 2009
Published: January 30th 2009
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Hello Everyone,

When we were in southern Australia we were told Cairns would be hot and humid. Well after the Melbourne heat this is nothing. It is like Iowa in the summer and I am not finding it oppressive. The travel agent found us a 5 star hotel for one hundred and ten dollars a day. It was hard not to take it. This is the off season. Monsoon season but it hasn't rained the last two days. Americans are often accused of always talking and thinking about money and I have decided I am a typical American that way. But we can't cook there and is hard to meet people there compared to a hostel.

Today we went took a boat tour out to the Great Barrier Reef. It took about two hours to get out there. Then we put on light weight wet suits from head to toe to protect us from the jelly fish. We looked like Telly Tubbies. And some people went scuba diving but we went snorkeling. It was a little rough the first place to stopped as it was quite windy. But we did see coral formations and fish. The next place on the reef we went to was calmer and the coral looked better. It was quite an experience and I loved seeing the reefs. Some people were seasick from the boat ride. I didn't suffer, one woman laid on the bench without moving the whole time. I think I will upload pictures when I get home on Tuesday. Well not Tuesday but after I get home. It can be difficult on these computers. There is a rain forest near here and I hope we will see that before we got home. See you soon. Kay


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