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January 31st 2008
Published: February 2nd 2008
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Finally reached Cairns. Not the worlds prettiest towns. Has it's charms, but it's kind of the town the Malaga would like to be. Basicly an airport, lots of accomoodation, and endless ways to get out of there as soon as possible. The beach could be very nice. Except the tide was out so you could see the slightly manky bottom. Still looked very tempting for a swim though. Maybe not here as they have big signs up warning you about Crocodiles patrolling these shores. Getting a bit more nervous of my future exploits under water. Sharks just test you to see if you're a seal. Crocodiles don't care what you taste like. Everything is fair game. Your not even allowed to go near the water as they'll be lying in wait just under the surface. Will pester a few at Australia Zoo in revenge.

The sea front itself highlights to me the big difference between British and Austalian culture. In England, the sea front is lined with chip shops, burger bars and well bars. Here, there are the posh fish resturants, being Australia, they have their fair share of bars obviously. but all along the sea front there exercise points. Little activities to break up your jog. Bench presses, stepping stones to manouvre, all designed for the super fit. Finishing with a free, clean swimming pool, complete with life guard. They are all fit and healthy. I suppose it's more fun doing exercise outside, . You build up a sweat just walking 10 yards in this heat. But can you really imagine the slobby oafs that patrol our shores (including myself) puntuating their morning job with a few sit-ups.

Started course yesterday. Out on the boat tomorrow. One thing they don't warn you about is the early mornings. I'm being picked up at 6.05 in the morning. Ahhhhh Not had proper nice sleeps since Monday. getting up at 5 am won't hekp me to adjust any better.
Loving the course so far, though not actually been in the sea yet. Swimming pool scary enough. Not quite enough space so kept getting pushed into the wall. Practised lots of useful skills that may come in handy out there. This included the instructor turning off my air supply. Delightlful feeling. This is what it's like to drown. Goodie, thanks for that.
I'm still very tempted to move out here to become an instructor. Cairns itself is gradually growing on me, could possibly cope with living here, though would have to see if there's anywhere slightly prettier down the coast. The real reason for working up here would have to be the instructors. All fabulous bodies, and to quote an old friend "mother may I". Great job, scuba diving every week, and fabulous views even on land.

Went to a lecture tonight to learn what's down there. Which fish to avoid, where to find jelly fish (the really poisonous ones are the size of your thumb so you don't know about them till it's too late) also where to find stingrays to play with, sharks that'll follow you home, and a fish that breathes out its arse. (and a fish that lives in its anus) It looks like a big poo so is even more disgusting than we thought it would be.

Gradually getting used to life in Hostels. Cairns Beach House is ok, bit far from the centre, though have free bus into town. Receptionist here is a bit simple, and all the advertised extras were a con. I.e. the free meal is a a pub in the centre and you have to buy an overpriced drink in order to be fed. Still, can't expect much for 10 quid a night.


3rd February 2008

I'm guessing...
...I'm going to be the first to comment all the time aren't I? :) It's great to hear that you're getting on with the important task of having a good time, although I didn't really think you'd hang around with that! Please inform your instructor that drowning you will not please your friends back home. Hope you do some exciting stuff soon, poo fish and oiled up instructors can't be that exciting, can they?
6th February 2008

I love your writing style, it still hasn't changed, even though you're on the other side of the globe :) - Can't decide what is going to be more hazardous for you - swimming in Cairns sea or an average night out in Sheffield on a Friday night. Sure you'll have faced many more peryls during the latter, but all the same, be careful and enjoy yourself.
6th February 2008

February 6th Pam
You are brilliant at writing. Really enjoying reading all about your exploits. Very pleased the diving instructors are all 'fit' and intent on making sure you can breathe properly and recognise the good from the bad sea life. Looking forward to reading the next entry. Lots of love.
6th February 2008

Hi Liz. Love the writings. Sounds like you are settling into things nicely. They are annoyingly fit, aren't they? People running to work, running home and engaging in something sweaty in between, whist gorging themselves on fruit and smoothies. They'll probably all get run over by a bus while running - much safer with chocolate and a good film indoors. Most people we spoke to said Cairns itself was shit but you don't have to go far in any direction to be somewhere amazing. I'm sure you will fill us in with the details... ('we' didn't do a survey, I mean mom and I when we were there) This blog thing's good, innit? Don't drown. Can you put pictures on this blog too? I think the demand for a photo of a fish living inside another fish's arse would be massive. I would imagine having to breath out of your arse would be annoying enough but having a fish in the way too would be a really unfortunate way to carry on. Would it's fart be the same as a burp? It has snowed since you left. Lightly - just enough to remind us that it's bloody freezing but not enough to look nice or have fun in. The rain has since washed all that away. Have fun, Tim
6th February 2008

Sound you having a Fab Time
I am so jealous you get a chance to swim with such interesting creatures if you went to Malaga you could swim with real poo and for less than half what your trip would cost lol. We miss you Lizzie but worry not the weather here will keep and so will Ant. Keep blogging l8r non sk8r.
20th February 2008

Hi.Great to read your blog.Went to Cairns last year.Only snorkled out to sea away from those poisomous jelly fish.You will just love the tropical water life. Still here in NZ if u want to milk a cow!Will be in Queensland for Easter otherwise home.Jean
24th February 2008

An offer I can't refuse
Sounds to tempting to miss. Arriving in New Zealand on Saturday (I think, lost track of days of week) Will be on the North Island from around 28th March-10th April. The bus takes us in a straight line up past Auckland and back again, through lots of places whose names I can't remember right now. Don't suppose I could come and impose on you for a day or so?

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