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October 20th 2009
Published: October 22nd 2009
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DAY 347

Again I was up at silly o’clock, pottering about and Julie was up and walked past me with the kettle, which she handed to me and said she was going to meditate and then go for a walk up the hill, though all I wanted was a cup of my favourite brew.

I padded around the place as quite as a church mouse as I didn’t want to disturb Julie and then went outside and sat on the veranda in the morning sun.

Caroline “Surfaced” at about 07.30 and we all sat around have tea and toast and talking of our day in hand. We had intention of leaving Cairns again today, it is a beautiful sunny morning and everything is packed except for what we used last night, i.e. sleeping bags.

However, Julie said she was going to be away tonight, seeing a friend of hers in Port Douglas and has kindly said if we so wanted to then we could stay the night again tonight as we would have the house to ourselves.

Both Caroline and I welcome the gesture it would be great as the weather seems to be un predictable at the moment, we are a long way off the wet season but boy it has rained hard the last couple of days and as there are stage 1 water restrictions in place in Cairns it is great news for the gardens, and the dams.

Julie is a Reiki “Master” and does journey process and cool stuff like that, she wanted to get away early as she needed to be back home for around 12.30 tomorrow as she has a client booked in to “have a journey” session with her but wanted to spend as much time as she could with her friend in Port Douglas.

Back in the UK Caroline and myself have a very dear friend who is a medium and also did Reiki she is a similar sort of person to Julie, calm, positive and very gentle.

Just before Julie left I said that as I had not quite finished doing the silicon mastic and we would go to Bunnings and get another tube so that I could finish the job properly. It is the least we can do considering Julie’s hospitality in letting us stay again.

We seemed to have slipped and missed a couple of days blog and seem to be struggling to catch back up, when we set out a year ago it was our intention to do our blog as a weekly catch up but we forget stuff so quickly, I personally struggle to remember what we did yesterday.

Last night we had some great messages on the blog, one was from a long time reader Gary in Canada who thanked us for our description of Cape York which we were thrilled with and also from a lovely lady, Lynn who we met when we went to the RFDS in Cairns and had a brilliant afternoon there, Lyn was the lady who’s husband (John) worked for a tour company who went to Cape York and he gave us some great advice.

Lynn, thanked us for entertaining her and by doing the blog, but “hey” how could you not write about your adventures in this amazing country.

We also had a message from a guy in the UK called Richard, he mailed us through the blog possibly 3 months ago, asking us a few questions about our trip that we tried to answer as practically as possible, he and his wife Elizabeth maybe going to do a trip next year, but in the meantime they are coming to Cairns from end of October and would we like to meet up?

Well we are iching to get going again as soon as the weather breaks, but we are not going to miss people who have given us their time by reading the blog and then travel half way around the world, to be only a couple of hundred k’s way from where we are so we have given them our mobile number and hopefully they will be call when they get to Cairns and we will endeavour to meet up, which will be excellent.

This will be just the same as when we met Darryl and Sarah, the Wallaby Wanderers, they are such brilliant people. In fact our trip has been coloured by meeting the most amazing people, who all know who they are and the list is sooooooo long.

Just a quickie, If Reen from Bundaberg is still reading please drop us a message as we were talking about you last night and it would be lovely to hear from you.

We sat around for most, no, all of the morning doing Internet research for the next leg of the trip and drinking tea of course. Then after lunch we ventured out to Bunnings to get our bits and pieces, however on the way out our Esky of 9 Litres of water fell over and opened up so we had a small swimming pool inside the Patrol, I must say I did have a sense of humour failure.

We got back and I set about finishing the mastic job for Julie, which turned out to look really great and I hope she is as pleased with it as I am.

We had also purchased from Bunnings a draught excluder, well more like a dust excluder, as dust gets in to the trailer and stains everything, I just wish that the manufacturer of the trailer had been so interested in the small details when they sold us the trailer but this has been a huge problem for us.

What we needed to now do was to scrape all the old rubbishy thin foam off the trailer where the top and bottom meet and replace it with our newly selected fit for purpose product we had just purchased.

Wow, what a job that was, it was really hard graft getting the two surfaces clean so we could stick on the new one, but we worked together and achieved it, getting the draught

We have been three weeks without Pizza, and tonight is Cheap Tuesday, so, once we had finished the job for tonight we went and ordered our pizza online with Domino’s then went straight out and picked it up.

Man it tasted good, it certainly did with the 3 week abstinence, but we watched a bit of the conversation killer while we ate.

Though I have never been a slave to the TV and I was always was very choosy about what I watched, not having much TV for over a year makes you quite inquisitive, tonight was a show that Caroline has got into which is “Packed to the Rafters” which she is quite enjoying.

We couldn’t resist watching an episode of the Australian Ladette to Lady, those Aussie Ladettes certainly have a way of outshining the British ones! Caroline said perhaps she will need to go on this once we have finished our trip, something to do with spending too long in the outback and eating food with plastic knives and forks, oh yes not to mention drinking Billy Tea!

The rain started throwing it down outside again and was making a huge din on the colour bond roof, it has been ages since we have seen rain as we have been, lucky enough to follow the sun but this is great, I still don’t really want to be out in it, but the smell of the rain refreshing the greenery and soil around us is intoxicating.

So before I sign off, once again thank you for reading our travel blog and sending us messages, even if you feel you don’t know us and have just found the blog drop us a line we will always try to respond, your messages are so important to us.

Goodnight all, tune in tomorrow to find out if we actually manage to leave Cairns, all we want is for the fine weather to give us a break.


p.s. Andy says thanks to everyone for his birthday wishes, as it is his birthday tomorrow


22nd October 2009

Are you still in Cairns
As I said previously, have been following your blog, and was wondering if you were still in Cairns. If so, give us a ring 4055-6976, perhaps you guys would like to come around for a coffee........(we are out at Trinity Park) just a thought. If you are away south, good luck and will keep reading with interest. Quite envious...... we arrived here from NZ four months ago, and love it, so know whats it like to uproot and move........ and leave family behind. Regards Yvonne

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