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September 11th 2015
Published: September 11th 2015
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Went into the city of Cairns today. It's not a very big place - about 6 blocks by 4 blocks. About 90% of the buildings are either a hostel, restaurant/bar or tourist information desk where they try to sell you tours.

On the waterfront they have an esplanade boardwalk. It's a pretty cool idea - a place where people go for a stroll, jog, they have free beach volleyball courts, swimming pools, places to work out, etc. The only problem is in order to create this waterfront pathway they had to tear down the mangroves that were there before. When the tide is low (when I was there), the water level doesn't cover the mud and slime from where the mangroves were. It looks like a gross swamp. You also can't go swimming because apparently there are crocodiles in there.

After dinner, we played a game of pick up soccer with some of Hilary's friends. It was really fun!


11th September 2015

Day 2
Feel free to bring home some Tam Tam's. How were the kangaroo meat balls?
11th September 2015

Tasted like chewy beef meatballs

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