3 bowls of Coco Pops a day, keeps the Doctor away

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March 10th 2010
Published: March 11th 2010
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Woke up facing a wall... an unfamiliar one. I was in an unfamiliar bed, in an unfamiliar dorm... and who did those unfamilier arms belong to... the ones wrapped around me?! Oh, Mygod! I was in bed with a boy. It was Mr Hot Canadian from last night. Thankfully I was fully clothed and so was he, well minus his t-shirt. Where was Ellie? I needed to get home!
Mr Hot Canadian turned out to be an angel and walked me back to my hostel, buying me ice cream on the way. He was gorgeous, and had big arms which is mine and Ellie's new "must have". We said goodbye and arranged to talk on facebook, then I ran up to the room and flew through the door. El had a big smile on her face: "Have fun last night did we?".
We went to get cereal for breakfast from the kitchen downstairs, then jumped back in bed and slept for a while, guilt free as it had sarted to rain outside.
We spent all day snoozing, interneting, and reading. Squires had seen my Homesick posts on facebook and rang to tell me I was a looser, ha ha. The weather was bad all day and since we were so skint, we didn't even go out for food, instead surviving on 3 big bowls of Coco Pops throughout the day. A girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do, especially when it comes to Vodka vs Food.


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