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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane March 12th 2016

General info: Currency: Australian dollar Cost of living: 500ml bottle of water 1$, bottle of wine 15$, meal in regular restaurant 15-20$ This time a visit spent on walking in the city, in Roma Street Parkland and some local shopping (wines Generalne info: Waluta: Australian dollar Koszt życia: 500ml butelka wody 1$, butelka wina 15$, danie w niedrogiej restauracji 15-20$ Tym razem wizyta poÅ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane February 23rd 2016

General info: Currency: Australian dollar Cost of living: 500ml bottle of water 1$, bottle of wine 15$, meal in regular restaurant 15-20$ The summer weather in Australia is just perfect (december- february). Green and beautiful all around . The list of What to do in Brisbane begins with visit to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, and this is excatly what I did. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is rated by AOL as one of the top 10 Zoos in the World. It's at the same time first and the largest koala sanctuary in the World, with over 130 koalas. There is also kangooroos area where you can have some fun and feed them, parrots, tasmani devils, ostriches and much more of Aussie wildlife in beautiful nature surrounding. On the way back i have visited Queen Street Mall, where ... read more
Loriini parrots
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane January 1st 2016

2015 done and dusted... a year of big plans... and even bigger ‘achievements’ ;) but let’s start from the beginning... As for the travel bug... It had been planted in my head many years ago... Ever since we (my sister and I) were small kids, my parents went out of their ways to take us for a holiday some place nice, to show us another tiny piece of the world. Back then world seemed much bigger than it feels now... anything outside of the Polish communist borders felt almost like a different planet – fancy cars, shops full of different products, even McDonalds seemed like a luxurious place to eat at, a face of the distant, Western world! People were spending money on day-to-day expenses, hardly ever being able to save anything or even to think ... read more
at Tin Can Bay
surfers at Cabarita
at Tin Can Bay

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane December 27th 2015

When we had started to plan our trip, all those months ago, the only initial constraints we'd had were the Round The World flights which got us from some countries to the next for a fixed price. What we did and where we went between the dates of those flights was pretty much up to us. We knew we were going to be in Australia during their summer school holidays so things would be pretty well booked because of that, but the dates I was really concerned about were Christmas and New Year's Day. So, Steve's route up to those dates had to be written in pencil, if not quite ink, and I was adamant I wanted a booked venue to rest my head in on those dates before we set off. There's being flexible and ... read more
Brisbane Transit Centre and Hotel Jen
Underlit Brisbane bridge

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane December 20th 2015

Friday 18 December A day at sea. The ship was only moving a little during the night, so a good night's sleep. We stirred about 9.00 am and after showering went to to the Windjammer for breakfast. On return to the cabin at 10.30 am, decided to purchase an internet package for the last two days of the cruise to catch up with the world. Unlimited access for two days and two devices was US$60. Was now able to post blog and pictures on FB, etc. A copy of our account to date was provided in the cabin. We have been charged for some mini bar items which we hadn't used. Pat was going passed reception, so sorted it out with no problem. Pat went to the Solarium area for a while later and we met ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Kangaroo Point December 20th 2015

Day 21 I woke up at 7 and his knibbs at 8:15 (that rarely happens!) we got up packed our stuff away ready to leave the Eco Lodge and the glasshouse mountains! We discovered during our stay there we can donate/plant a tree so we decided that we wanted to do that! We met Keith the owner at 10 and went to collect our little tree! We then walked out into the grounds of the ecolodge to plant it! We then left a message in the tree planting book and our donation and went on our way! We arrived in Brisbane at 12:30 but the hotel wouldn't let us check in until 2 so we were a little bemused as to what to do! We drove round a bit and stumbled across "Streets Beach" which is ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane December 17th 2015

Geo: -27.4676, 153.028The organisation was spot on and we were ready and packed for the 7.30 am arrival of the maxi cab to the airport. Well two of us were. When the cab arrived Anth was in the bathroom wrapped in his towel cleaning his teeth! No worries. By the time we hauled the endless stream of luggage to the cab he was ready and we were on our way. Michael übered his way there and we were in line ready for the "processing" . Luggage checked and forms filled we managed to get our refunds sorted at the TRS and purchased the essentials from Duty Free.Everyone was seated and of course excited to DEPART. But nothing happened. The aircraft did not budge and the captain announced that there was a security issue ... and gave ... read more
Locked and about to be loaded
We are off
Plenty of time

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane December 9th 2015

Tuesday 8 December continued We had a quiet afternoon and eventually took a walk at 7.30 pm. When we return from our cruise on the 20th, we needed accommodation for that night in Brisbane and then we havr a hire car pick up the next day. The hire car we had organised a while ago, but not the accom. Once we found out the location of the rental place, which is five minutes walk from our current hotel, we tried to book a night in here as it is really nice, but because they are big apartments and take a lot of cleaning they charge a high rate for one night stays, we knew we could find somewhere else cheaper, which is what we did. The evening walk took us to the actual car rental place ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane December 8th 2015

Sunday 7 December continued We went for a walk at 6 pm to see what might be awake for food in this town on a Sunday evening. Neighbours had been out and back with a Subway meal so we had hopes of something. We headed over the railway bridge and were able to sight a McDonalds and a Kentucky fried chicken, Pat likes the occasional kfc so off we went. It was air conditioning at full strength so we took our meal back to the room. The brain was mush after we had settled down, so, I turned the television on and we happened to be at the start of the film Fury with Brad Pitt so we watched that. Monday 7 December A good nights sleep and woke at 7.30 am. We only had a ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane November 30th 2015

It was a typical day in Melbourne the morning of my flight, what with sun, wind and rain. It really had been a mixed bag, but I'd had a fantastic time. The remainder of my time in Australia would be spent in the state of Queensland, more specifically Brisbane. This time I'm glad to say, I was firing on all cylinders with no issues at the Airport and my flight landing 10 minutes early. I even got a fantastic view of the Gold Coast whilst on my way. I stepped off the plane and there it was, the heat. If felt amazing and I was instantly recharged to take on this new City. I'd booked to stay in a little place located just outside the CBD in the suburb of Spring Hill. I dropped my stuff ... read more
View now from the Clock Tower
Stephen Nothling's view of his street
South Bank - All it had to offer and the view from it!

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