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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane December 18th 2017

To day is our last real day in Australia so Karen took us on a tour of Brisbane. First we went to the lookout at mount Coot-tha which is south of the city. We bought some last minute gifts which will have to be sent home in the post. We then went into the city and had a little walk to the bridge then back along the river alongside the lagoon to a tapas bar for lunch. The waiters girlfriend comes from Cambridge. After dinner we went for a walk along the river to kangaroo cliffs where they do abseiling. We saw a group of kids abbing down the cliffs. Amazing lizards where all along the walk and at the cafe at the end a big lizard sat just under this chaps chair. Back home for ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Moreton Island November 7th 2017

My 48 hours on Tanglooma island resort started at 4:30 am in the morning , with an early raise I was pretty excited to get to Tangalooma a could not wait to start my adventure. Tangalooma Island Resort is only a miserly 75 minutes Passenger ferry transfer boat departing from Holt Street wharf Pinkenba Brisbane. This is the perfect way to get to Morten Island, with 4 services departing daily there is no excess not to visit this magical island. You must arrive 1 hour before departure and book your boarding passes and luggage there is a fully secure car pack to get your car there while you are over on the island. This Resort is perfect for family’s looking for a quick and easy weekend away for the whole family or a young couple who ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane September 11th 2017

Let talk about Brisbane! Bien que je ne puisse pas encore comparer avec d'autres grandes villes d'Australie, Brisbane est une ville pleine de surprises. Au cours de mes nombreuses excursions dans cette ville (puisque j'y vis), je me suis rendue compte qu'il ne faut pas se limiter à seulement visiter la rue commerçante ou SouthBank. Il faut évidemment aller à SouthBank avec sa roue, BRISBANE écrit en gros, le pont Victoria et toute sa promenade. N'oubliez pas de passer par la pagode népalaise le long de la promenade c'est assez joli :-) Mais si vous avez le temps, essayer d'aller à Kangaroo Point et d'y manger au restaurant sur la terrasse. C'est bon, pas très cher et la vue est magnifique! Essayer aussi d'aller à Eat Street Market ouvert du jeudi soir au dimanche soir il ... read more
Nepalese Peace Pagoda

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane September 7th 2017

It is currently 1:30am and we are sitting in the Emirates Lounge waiting to board our flight, which leaves at 2:30am. We left our houses around 4pm and the flight from Hervey Bay to Brisbane was an hour and a half late, which meant we only had one hour catching up with Abbie, Emilia and Sean, before heading back to the International Terminal. It has been a LONG day!... read more
170907 Emirates Lounge Champoo
170907 Emirates Lounge Julie-Ann 3
170907 Emirates Lounge Shelley 4

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane July 20th 2017

Monday was a chill day, catching the last few rays of Australian sunshine, had to make it look as though I had actually been away!! Dropped Emma off to work and then relaxed a bit more. That evening we decided to go to The Hogs Breath Restaurant which was delicious. A perfect sendoff meal! Before making our way home, making Pina Coladas and playing a few games! Tuesday I spent packing and getting all my bits and bobs together aswell as spending time with Em. I picked the boys up from school and we played more games which was always good. Emma went off to the gym and came back with pizza - had to eat a healthy meal before my 24 hour travel home began! After pizza, few more games and then we set off ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane July 16th 2017

Leading on from the last instalment - Queensland won! 22 - 6, not too shabby! Thursday was a chill day with the gym and then in the evening I took the fam out for a Thai - it was glorious, so many starters and then we shared three main meals between the five of us. Afterwards we headed home and had some bubbles and chilled. Friday I went shopping with Emma so we could pick out an outfit for her to wear to the Valleys. We managed to find a beaut little playsuit which she looked hot AF in. Then it was the accessories, and then repair one of her nails. After a day of hard graft we headed home so she could tan, I did my eyebrows (maybe a little too tweezer happy and now ... read more
Kate and Tom
Me, Jack and Emma

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane July 12th 2017

Monday morning, up early to get to the gym so we could catch the classes. Core workout (I didn't even think my core existed or was completely pathetic) but I am paying for it now!! Followed by body pump, basically throwing weights around but not letting go... Muscles I forgot I even had have decided it's their time to speak up. After a sweaty gym session it was off to the shops to do various errands and a bit of shopping. Followed by a chilled evening. Tuesday was a day for Emma and I. We went into Brisbane so I could go to some touristy shops, get particular eyebrow makeup which has been sold out everywhere (a girl has to have her eyebrows - I think my mother would agree! (shout out to Pep)). We then ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane July 6th 2017

Today was making my way back to Brisbane to spend the rest of my time with the family. Those of us who were left sat round the table and chatted before we said our goodbyes and I went off to Cairns Domestic Airport. The flight back was simple enough, after jumping out of a plane the day before it was a good feeling staying on the inside. After I landed and got home, we chilled and I updated the fam on all the bits and bobs from the trip. It was lovely!... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane July 6th 2017

So Wednesday was a day for Emma and I. We went to get our nails done, mainly because mine had popped off and then Emma had finished her placement. How Em handles her nails is incredible, I could never get them that long - I'd be useless! After our nails we went to Chelmside and did some shopping. We got some lunch at a restaurant called Zeus - it was incredible. It was such a lovely day spending some time with just Emma. Thursday (today) was excellent, this morning I went to the gym with Kate and did my first sprint class on bikes. I was absolutely knackered afterwards but it felt so good getting back to the gym! After we came home and it was a protein shake and egg on toast - beautiful! We ... read more
Emma in her element
Greek Lunch

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane June 18th 2017

So the past few days have been so chilled and lovely. From helping Tom and Jack with their homework assignments, subjects ranging from the Pantheon in Italy to the Industrial Relations Act 1999 and how it is related to the profession of Lawyers. I surprised myself by getting interested in it and Tom and Jack were very enthusiastic about my willingness to help proof read and type up bits for them. The next night was a family game of Cluedo - Ms Peacock on the Patio with the rope - it was tense. Friday was a girly day, Kate, Emma and I went out for lunch to Cafe Diversity which is where Emma, Tom and Jack work. It was a lovely menu, in the end I opted for savoury pancakes which were glorious and even added ... read more
Eyes and eyebrows by Emma

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