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September 16th 2013
Published: September 16th 2013
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My penultimate day with Lizzie was spent at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary with crippling stomach cramps. Damn these antibiotics!! At least I haven't got the poops. Silver linings and all that... Saw loads of koalas and kangaroos, a couple of wombats called heather and eddie and a MASSIVE crocodile. Saw the bird show, very good, included some kites, a pelican and a huge eagle. Then watched a sheep shearing show. Touched a snake and poked a kangaroo because it wouldn't behave for the camera. Stomach cramp was cured by a cola slushie! We then nipped in to see Francine, one of the lovely girls Lizzie works with. She's awesome! Then went home as Tom was cooking dinner for us all and his parents were coming over. While we were waiting Linda (Tom's mum) taught me how to play sevens. It's so easy that my tiny brain picked it up quite quickly. Dinner say chilli and was lovely. After dinner we played another game of sevens then a game of uno. Uno is amazing, however it turns out that I may have been playing it slightly wrong for a long time! But we finished playing by those rules and I won, so it's all ok 😊 Linda and Derek (Tom's dad) were telling me about their house in France with a menagerie of animals. Was a lovely way to spend my last evening with them all.

Woke up early this morning as my bus was at half 9. Got on it and it stank of wee. Always nice first thing in the morning. Say horrid saying bye to Lizzie as I don't know when I'll see her next :'( I'm very grateful that her and Tom let me stay and still managed to be fantastic hosts, despite the stress of getting married in the middle!! Journey to Brisbane was only an hour. Got there to the pouring rain. Soggy. Walked to the hostel. It's the nicest hostel I've ever been in!!! Sharing a room with 3 other girls. All German. (Shan't mention the war...) I wasn't allowed to check in until 2pm, so I took my bag up to their kitchen area and played on the wifi until I could put my bag in my room. Then went into the centre of Brisbane to get supplies for the zoo tomorrow. Well, I ATTEMPTED to go there. Some bright spark had turned the sign around for the city, so I ended up walking the wrong freaking way. Then got hopelessly lost. Managed to find the shops eventually. Then got hopelessly lost on the way back too! Walked in circles for 3 hours. My poor trotters are sore! However, in other foot related news, looking much better... At long last..

Now on my bed, going to have to fight zee Germans for one of the two plugs in our room to charge my phone, then going to read more of my book. Will have to go to bed early as I have to be up at half 6 for my full day at AUSTRALIA ZOO!!! So blinking excited.



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