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January 18th 2013
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This morning I got up early and went to the swimming squad again which was just as good as the first session. Going back to swimming in a 25m pool is going to seem very strange after the luxery of a 50m pool!

Today I finished off all the management procedures for the document, reading sections and formatting for Luke to check it over the weekend.

After work Rowena and I headed off to Kangaroo Point – an area of the city centre right on the river side. I had found a voucher at Christmas time for 2 for 1 climbing session on the rocks over the river, with pizza afterwards. We arrived, got kitted out and with the rest of our group headed down to the cliffs with our instructor. After a quick safety briefing, Rowena and I were selected as the demo pair, with myself as the climber and Rowena as the spotter/rope holder. Luckily, once the instructor had shown everyone how to bring in the safety rope and get started they didn’t have to stay and watch me climb!

We were climbing on the actual cliff face so there weren’t any nice hand or foot holes to use, and no clear path up. I started off fairly well then got baffled by a large section where there seemed to be no foot or hand holes, but after a few sideways movements and a trial attempt at super human strength which resulted in me no longer being on the cliff and being supported by the safety rope and harness, I eventually negotiated round it and continued my climb up to the top. It took about an hour to get to the top and then abseil down. The cliffs are about 25m high so the view from the top over the city and the river was just superb.

Once down, Rowena and I swapped and she made her way up to the top as well, equally as perplexed in places as I. Rowena was still climbing as the sun set, and watching the sunset over the river with the city lit up was very pretty.

As there were only 8 of us in our group, we only used up 4 places or routes on the cliff, but there are over 300 different places on the cliff to climb.

After our climb we all sat round and ate our pizza on the decking on the side river, and once finished headed home.

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21st January 2013

Hi Kate, looks amazing, although I would rather be looking at it than doing it. Well done. Debbie xx

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