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November 18th 2012
Published: November 18th 2012
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The last time I had blogged I was still at sea. The last month of my contract went well. But basically nothing interesting happened. I didn't leave the ship, but I had my parents and a friend onboard. My parents planned their cruise for late in the fall to avoid the brunt of the hurricane season. But they happened to be onboard for our encounter with Hurricane Sandy. Which was hands down the worst weather I have ever encountered at sea. The weather reports showed a rather conservative outlook on reality and the morning of our arrival in port everglades we had encountered waves that were 30 feet tall, and winds in excess of 100 km/h. We somehow managed to get the pilot onboard and safely entered Port Everglades.

But now I'm in a completely different part of the world! After a short 10 days at home where I suffered with the 10 degree highs and a continuous supply of rain I jumped on a series of planes and am now in Brisbane, Australia!

Things here have been fantastic so far, I'm currently staying with one of my friends whom is a high diver on the Oasis. The weather
Mel and IMel and IMel and I

Atop a headland in Noosa
was quite the shocker with my first day here hitting 36 degrees... And it's not even summer yet. We've been hitting up picturesque beaches, hiking in the Australian wilderness, and went to a koala reserve.

We drove to Surfers Paradise which is a rather upscale tourist destination an hour south of Brisbane. It actually reminds me somewhat of Miami with lots of high rise buildings and surf crashing into the beach just a few meters away.

Noosa took us a couple hours north from Brisbane. Which is a very different type of place, and we went hiking in a national park. The whole place reminds me very much of Tofino, Where a sleepy village meets a national park full of tourists in the exact same way.

Stay tuned for more updates as the trip comes along, I've got a few days left in Brisbane before going on a 4x4 camping tour of the largest sand island in the world and then flying to Melbourne on the 24th.

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18th November 2012

What a super experience!
Australia looks super fun and interesting, Garrett! I was just saying to your Mom, yesterday, that I was missing your fairly regular blog and then voila, later in the day I receive a post. I am thrilled that you are able to take such an adventure. The beach looks relaxing. Your friend Mel looks like she knows the places to show you. Petting a Kangaroo must have been a thrill. The 4x4 expedition sounds like it should be a good experience too! I enjoyed the photos of you and your parents on board ship. That is one huge playground you work on. Are you back on it any time soon? Have fun, take care and see lots, Love Aunty Leanne

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