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August 12th 2009
Published: August 12th 2009
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So now I am in Brisbane! we left byron yesterday night... alright, so things that happened in byron since i updated last..hmm... on our second day in byron we went to the beach again with our british friend dan and our other british friend steve from our room, steve brought his guitar and played it on the beach and it was so nice and peaceful! then his friends came and joined us - 2 scottish doctors in training and one british doctor in training - and hung out with them for a bit on the beach too. then we got hungry so jess, dan and i went to get some pizza and we wolfed it down cause we were so damn hungry! then we went back to the hostel and just kind of hung out...but that night was an awesome one! everyone from our room became pretty close so we all went outside at one of the picnic tables and played "ring of fire" (the british/irish/scottish version of kings) and it was tons of fun..the doctors even came too hahaha...then we got kind of cold so we moved the party into our massive room (which ps is called the space room and is decorated with aliens and spaceships and is it biggest slash most ghetto room of the entire place!!) and it was so much fun...the irish guy, sean drank a lot and was soooo funny and kept bringing randoms into our room to join the party lol. oh and earlier that day a girl was straightening her hair and set off the fire alarm and the fire brigade came and she was fined $350 and everyone in the place was talking about it and he even found her and brought her into our room! it was such a classic night... oh and sean loves to sing and was soooo hilarious singing all night long ...and then not so hilarous singing when we were all trying to sleep!

oh yeah and later on that night 2 canadian girls also checked into our room and they are awesome! so anyways, the next day 3 of the british people checked out and after that our room was a lot quieter! we went into town with the girls (tara and heather) and got some lunch and then they wanted to go to the beach and we wanted to go into the cute little byron shops so we decided to split up for a bit. the shops in byron are all awesome- theyre all quicksilver, billabong, etc. i was in heaven, although i wish i could afford to buy all the pretty things! while we were shopping we ran into a british girl we met the night before so she tagged along with us which was cool. after shopping we went back to the hostel and met up with tara and heather and just kind of hung out and packed and such since we had to check out the next day.

sooo the next day we checked out in the morning, but our bus to brisbane wasnt until 8 pm that night. tara went to get breakfast and came back and was like soooo i just signed up to go sky diving in an hour! it was so random lol we decided to go along to watch, since we had the whole day to kill! but on the bus i was kinda like i want to do it! and then jess was like me too! so we started filling out the forms hahaha. once we got there heather decided that she wanted to go too! so all 4 of us went and it was sooo much fun. it was the highest sky diving point in australia and it was right over the beach it was sooooo gorgeous. the scenery could actually take your breath away! the other girls even saw whales from the plane before we jumped. the plane ride up was sooo nerve wracking! and when youre looking over the edge of the plane and think "why would anyone jump its sooo far down??" you get really scared! and the guy who was going with me and who was attached to my back kept joking about detaching from me and stuff and i was so scared! but once you leave the plane its so incredible! there was free fall for a minute before the parachute opened.... so cool! so yeah, i went skydiving! after that we still had some time to kill so jess, heather, tara and i decided to go see the movie the ugly truth and it was really funny! after that we went back to the hostel and watched taras skydiving video and then a nick and sean from our room walked by so they came and chilled with us until it was time to catch our bus to brissy!

the ride was only about 2 hours long and when we got here it was 10:30 at night and we had no idea where to go! all we knew was that our hostel was close to the bus station and that it was on ann street! (ps heather and tara came with us) so we wandered in what we thought was the right direction but soon realized it was the opposite direction...soooo we gave up and flagged a cab down. when we got to our hostel some guy came downstairs to tell reception that there was a flood on the 3 rd floor so the guy at the desk was like crap and started to go up to check it out...and then the fire alarm went off! so people started flooding downstairs, while we huddled in a corner with all our luggage! but then the fire brigade came so we had to get outta there! we had to wait on the street with everyone from the hostel and at this point it was about midnight. there was no fire and we could check in but what a welcome to brisbane!

the next day we didnt really do much - we slept in real late and tried to orient ourselves with the new city! and then the day after that, which was yesterday we went to the science centre with some aussies! that place was sooo cool! they had a thing to see how fast you could throw and how fast you could sprint and all these crazy things! we looked like a bunch of kids in a candy store running around everywhere! so today i think we are going to the beach with our aussie friends! today is the first day with clouds in the sky...the weather here is always so perfect!


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