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July 9th 2012
Published: July 9th 2012
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6 July Forecasted to be cloudy with showers. But it was all the way sunny and cloudless.

In the morning, Connie and I went to different classrooms to sit in a lesson for adult students. I was in a class of level 3 with two of our students in it while Connie attended a class of level 4 where the students were learning modals.

According to the observation of Connie and I, the teachers were very active in trying to engage every student by using various class activities. Students also showed their enthusiasm and involvement in learning.

Today, a BBQ lunch was arranged for the students. At the beginning, the students looked forward to having a big feast and an enjoyable party. To their disappointment, the BBQ lunch only included two plates of already roasted beef and chicken sausages (one of each kind for every one) , plus some salad and buns.

After the lunch, the group went to a nearby park and students learnt cricket there. However, they didn’t seem to have too much interest in the sport and only participated and tried the game after urging by the teachers. They'd rather play the swing and soccer instead.

7 July Just ignore the weather forecast announced by the observatory. It was always sunny in Brisbane!

Visit to the Warner Brothers Movie World. The students gathered at the school at 8:30am and then we took a mini-bus to our destination. It took us about 45 mins. to get to the Movie World. Though the theme park is open at 10:00, there were already a lot of people in the park. My impression was: the Movie World was so small that you can see all the interest points of it in less than two hours.

The students were allowed to explore the park in small groups on their own. There were several entertainment shows at different time slots but some of the students showed no interest in the shows.

The students gathered at 3:45pm and we took the bus back to Shafston College, ending the activity.

8 July A shower in early morning finally. The sky remained high and blue.

Another beautiful Sunday. No school today and I rented a car and drove to the Gold Coast with Connie and Anthony.

The Gold Coast is a city about 100km south of Brisbane. The route to Gold Coast was easy to drive. The city has an almost 60km long beach and the scene is amazing and beautiful. It is really a top rate resort for relaxation and fun!

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