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June 11th 2010
Published: June 12th 2010
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We had thought about going to Noosa but decided after a number of discussions to miss it out and head straight to Brisbane. As the journey was so long we did our first overnight coach journey to get some free "accommodation". Woke up very groggy as the coach arrived at Noosa to drop off people and looking out at the pouring rain storm outside we were sooo glad we were heading on. An overnight coach journey is cheap but so tiring, when we arrived at our hostel I just wanted to sleeeeeeep!!

Dan had chosen to stay at a place call Bunk which was really cool. We were in a 16 bed dorm which was fine as there were privacy walls between beds so you didn't notice how big it was. Only problem was that we had to share it with a bunch on British lads who were only interested in drinking (etc) and being loud. One of the ugly ones even brought a French girl back one night (for those who know - it was like the bean bag incident all over again - why me!!!). She also snored really loudly.... Actually turned out to be very funny in the end as one of the Scottish lads delivered some very funny one liners so overall didn't get much sleep (even with earplugs) until they left. Had some good fun at the hostels bar and one lots of free beer for just answering stupid quiz questions.

First day whilst walking around china town I slipped over very badly and ripped open the end of my toe - very very painful, lots of blood, lots of crying but I did very well not to pass out. Dan was a legend and looked after me very well - thanks hun!

Did two days of sightseeing around Brisbane which is such an awesome place and even for a big city is still quiet enough to be chilled out. Went on the Brisbane wheel - not quite the London Eye but very enjoyable! It rained once while we were there and wasn't as warm as elsewhere but mostly sunny so all good. Had a cheap stay in day after that and tried out the heat hot tub - much nicer than the freezing cold swimming pool!!!

Met up with a guy we met in Thailand called Toppie and he took Dan to an Aussie Rules game at the gabba stadium - something I wasn't too interested in but had a good time before and after. Toppie is a bit of legend and lots of fun to hang out with even though when we first met him he was rather drunk and very very annoying... he's the sort of person that grows on you over time.

Went up to Lone Pine Koala sanctuary just outside the main city centre which was really cool and me and Dan now have a love for Kaolas!! They are sooooooooooooo cute and we got to hold one each and also got chance to feed some Kangaroos and just hang out with them in their enclosure. Also saw a duck billed platypus which was sweet and very energetic. Also "spoke" to some cockatoos and saw a dingo!

Went on XXXX brewery tour with Toppie on our last full day which Dan enjoyed but I wasn't too impressed with until we got to the tasting section.... I'm a new fan of XXXX Summer Bright Light Lager. Went out in the evening again after winning in Bingo at the hostel - we won a XXXX brewery tour which they allowed us to exchange for some wine instead! Even if we had time, I wouldn't have wanted to go through that again!!! Toppie took us to the worst club in the whole of Brisbane (as it was the only one open on a Monday night), called "Beat" and it was full of the weirdest collection of people I have ever encountered but a good last night was had by all!

Really really liked Brisbane and would recommend it to anyone, loads to do and lots to see. Next stop Gold Coast!

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12th June 2010

Golly and Gosh
I have a bit catching of up/reading to do with your adventures Helen and now you will be arriving back to the UK soon! You have been really good at writing your blog, in 20, 30, 50 whatever years time, to look back and read this will be marvellous. My diary writing got as far as 15 days during my 15th year of life and most of that consited of what we had for school lunch. Always loved my food. Hope your toe is better. Love Nicky xxx
14th June 2010

Very informative blog as usual. Now waiting to hear all about it in personin just over two weeks. Bet you are coming back with mixed feelings - having to get back to normallife in plce of all your adventures and the sites you have seen and looking fora job. How is thetoe now yestefday I had to hold a coconur for Linda while she tried to saw it in half but at one stage the saw slipped and it cut my finger not badly but I refused to hold i tany more. Heather was 19 yesterday cannot believe how old you are all getting. Next weekend is our flower festival and I have to arrange 22 ploughmans lunches for the monday but I do get help and also our curate will be ordained on Sunday and we are putting on a buffet for him that evening, so all in all I keep busy. Love Gma
14th June 2010

It all sounds great fun and almost civilised! Hope your toe gets better soon; you wouldn't want a big toe problem to be your main legacy from your trip, would you? I spent the weekend getting M's house ready for me moving in - goodness only knows where it will all go. I expect you could end up 'winning' a lot more than I'd envisaged. Lots of love Moot xxx

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