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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ayr July 28th 2015

We've always loved the Esplanade pool and the surrounding grounds at Cairns and found yet more of this area when we had time there with our son and his family. They were staying further along the Esplanade near a wonderful children's park that we hadn't previously seen. There were a couple of play areas of climbing frames, slippery dips etc. as well as a couple of great water parks, so much fun things for children. There are big shade trees and wonderful tropical plantings, a cafe, a graffiti-free skatepark, a volleyball courts and tennis courts. Cairns does it all so well, we were sorry when it came time to leave. We had a few nights at the Big 4 caravan park at Rollingstone, north of Townsville. we always like it there, it's on the waterfront, it ... read more
The swimming pool, Big 4, Rollingstone
Balgal Beach
Toolakea Beach looking south

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ayr January 11th 2013

The "Great Green Way". I lived in Port Douglas for the past 8 months and about 2 weeks before leaving, it was the first time I heard about it. The Great Green Way is the road between Cairns and Townsville and to my surprise there's plenty to see in between both cities – “Nature’s playground” is the motto used for advertisement. I had tought about doing the SS Yongala dive for some time now and I finally did it, just one week before leaving Port Douglas. The SS Yongala is a wreck from 1911 and worldwide considered a top diving spot. It wasn't easy getting 2 days off work and finding someone to go diving with. Fortunately, an American friend of mine, Julie Remp, who's working as an underwater photographer in Port Douglas, managed to ... read more
Goana in Alva Beach
Yongala Briefing
Eagle Ray

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ayr June 1st 2011

After a 20k ride from Ayr to Alva beach i got to the Yongala backpackers. We went for the dive the nexted morning and was fantasic as evey one says that dives there that all the sea life is on steroyds down there. Everything is big and moveing fast. The ship is coverd in Coral but what do you expect after 100 years. The passenger ship SS Yongala sank off Cape Bowling Green, Queensland, Australia on 23 March 1911. En route from Melbourne to Cairns she steamed into a cyclone and sank south of Townsville. Traces of the ship were found days later as cargo and pieces of wreckage washed ashore at the Cape and at Cleveland Bay. All one hundred and twenty-two people on board perished in what is considered one of the most tragic ... read more
Yondala wreak
Yongala wreak

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ayr May 30th 2011

Je retrouve Keri durant sa semaine de congé. Pour mon anniversaire, elle m'offre le plus beau des cadeaux: elle m'emmène plonger sur l'épave du Yongala. On part donc en road-trip au sud de Cairns, en passant par Townsville, jusqu'à Ayr, au plus proche de l'épave. Le Yongala a coulé il y a 100 ans cette année, au cours d'une nuit où des vents de force 5 sévirent au large de la côte est. Comble de l'infortune, le navire était en route pour Townsville où il aurait été équipé d'une radio, mais en attendant, aucun secours n'a pu être prévenu et personne ne connait les causes exactes du naufrage. Avec des vagues d'une quinzaine de mètres de haut, l'eau s'est sans doute engouffrée dans le bateau, scellant le destin des 120 passagers à bord. Il fallut 47 ... read more
serpent de mer qui remonte en surface prendre de l air
Bon anniversaire !
banc de cobia

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ayr May 30th 2011

30/05/2011 Had a last start didnt get going till 9am but by tonight i am wishing i started an hour earlyer. I went into Townsvile and from the seconed i started into town i hated it. The roads were like a rats nest getting into the city. Once into the city they whole main street was full of road works and just pissed me off. So i just stocked up on water and food and headed out of town. I was pushing along really well all day then. I was just starting to think about a place to stay at 4.30ish then i seen the sign saying 40ks to go. So at that moment i had set in my head to get to Ayr so the push was on. I started to push hard if i ... read more
Push To Ayr (6)
Last 10ks to town
Push To Ayr (24)

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ayr September 14th 2010

When you are homeless, jobless and penniless there are few options open to you but to return to the family home, even if it is in Australia! With a degree behind him and a spring in his step Cieran tried so hard to start his career and settle into the next chapter of his life, but like so many people he had not planned for the economic decline in the UK and the problems that it presented. It was even cheaper to travel to India and tour the northern states for two months than it was to stay and exist in Newbury. So once the last of the rupees came to an end Cieran flew onto Brisbane in time for Christmas and some pampering from mum! But like many things in life, it's not always that ... read more
Keeping up with the boom
A ferry trip to Magnetic Island
A stroll along the beach.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ayr July 30th 2010

We left Sarina and drove on through Mackay. We were surprised that the many motels had their No Vacancy signs out till we found there was a Mining Expo on in town. We drove by it - a big deal. On then to the caravan park at Cannonvale, out of Airlie Beach. We had three days there, restful, warm. We took the bus outside into Airlie one day and walked around, I always love the pools they've built just in from the waterfront. Another day we walked up to the little Centro shopping centre along from where we were staying, but mostly we just were lazy, sitting outside under the awning, catching up on our reading. As usual, the Midges have been pleased to see me again this year and welcome me with open mouths. Doug ... read more
The pool at Airlie Beach
another view of the pool at Airlie
Airlie township

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ayr July 30th 2010

Aux habitants du 55 de la Bastille.... on recoit bien vos messages mais on ne peut répondre en privé.... continuez d'écrire. 25 juillet On a quitté notre camping pour conduire une centaine de km… un pet en fait! On a fait un arrêt au McDo (dans le stationnement) et on a fait un peu de Skype et d’internet (on a suivi le conseil de FG, on a mis de côté la gravelle… et on a pris du temps pour parler à la famille). La température est ben ordinaire ces jours-ci. Il pleut beaucoup, ce qui est inhabituel pour la région à ce temps-ci de l’année. Ca adonne bien dans le sens où on voulait se reposer. On joue à des jeux et on reste tranquille (ce qui est rare dans notre famille, de rester tranquille je ... read more
30072010 038
30072010 043
30072010 044

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ayr January 24th 2010

Bowling Green Bay National Park is about 50 km north of Ayr on the westward side. It forms part of the Leichhardt range that makes the east wet and tropical and west dry and hot! Although I had not noticed it before (being a passenger makes a huge difference to a journey) there are some scrawny looking cows on both sides of the highway, and now having had a bit more rain the foliage is looking very green and lush. The rain is not maligned but restorative for this area! One Saturday we headed up to Alligator Creek, part of the national park and in the vicinity of which is the Mount Elliot climb. But with 66.6% of us being be-jandal’ed a taxing walk in the afternoon sun was off and instead we opted to wander ... read more
High above the creek
The noxious Lantana is everywhere!
Cuckatoo creek

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ayr November 21st 2009

The time has come to drag out the blogging instinct, only recently departed, and start up an Aussie leg of my travel story. I hot Ayr about one week ago and it has been everything that the Cairns I left 7 years ago was......sultry heat, lush foliage, palm trees and mangos galore at this wonderful time of year. Hoorah for stringy, juicy, sweet, tasty eat-over-a-bath mangos as it is Mango Season!!, apparently the natural aphrodisiac (like so many other plant things.........) The staff quartes I arrived to are very good comparabe to others I have stayed in, and I appreciate the air conditioning no end. To arrive at work, air conditioned, spend the whole day inside, apart from the odd 60 metre trip back home to get something and then have a swim or some time ... read more
The butcher bird's home

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