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April 25th 2007
Published: April 25th 2007
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It had to be done!! Coming all the way to Australia, travelling up the East coast and not going to Australia Zoo would just be a sin!! Whether you would want to go in the memory of the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin or to see the amazing range of Australian animals it is a must...

I caught a free transfer bus from Noosa to Beerwah on route watching a video about the becoming of Steve Irwin. It was interesting to find out that he caught his first croc at the age of 9, that his dad played a big part of the up and coming zoo, and how he meet his wife Teri. He then went on to explain that when he would go hunting he would take his best friend in the world, his dog Chillie. However, due to an unfortunate accident little Chillie died, you could see the sorrow in his eyes as he was explaining it. He then continued to comment that him and Chillie will hunt again one day!! Sniffle sniffle...that was enough to set me off!!!

Anyway once arriving to the zoo I was delighted to see the large spaces given to each animal. And how happy and healthy they looked... (The dingo's looked like pedigree dogs with fox tails!) I went straight to the koala sancturary and got my photo with a little dude! I then went and saw the cute and chunky wombats. Followed on by kangaroos, crocs, tasmanian devils... etc...

I also had the oppurtunity to have my photo taken with a dressed up Steve Irwin and view his memorial.

I would like to dedicate this blog entry to Steve Irwin. For being known world wide for his courage and entertainment. For dying doing what he knew best, playing with danger!! May he now be reunited with his best friend Chillie to hunt the heavens for crocs!!! As Steve Irwin would say CROCS RULE!!!!!

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Roo Heaven..Roo Heaven..
Roo Heaven..

No, its not where I buried the roo I killed (by accident)!!

28th April 2007

sob sob
Ah mate, i nearly cried when i read that, that was one of the main reasons i decided to travel oz, to meet the one and only steve, What a top bloke eh? Looks like you had a fab time. I know your leaving soon, shame we couldn't meet up again, but don't you worry kid, we'l meet up somehow somewhere i'm sure of that!!! Keep in touch won't you babe?? Lots of love and hugs. Nicki xx PS Have you got a group photo of the crew at rendezvous???
28th April 2007

I've been dreaming about crocodiles... how odd! xxx
28th April 2007

Good man ...
May he rest in peace, left a good name after him. You were meant to learn more about him after he passed away while you were out there. It's as close as you can get. The zoo habitants look great, they've been looked after well, one can tell... Take care, lots of love, Mama xx
30th April 2007

That was a really nicely written comment, and that pic of you and the Koala is sooooooo cute!! Take care see you soon xxx
1st May 2007

Yo yo yo! Oh I loved that Zoo so so much! I wish I could have had my pic taken with "Steve", how awesome! Also I was one day early to see Bindi and the Croc men, how awesome that would have been, but I bought a badge to make up for it! Love the koala pic, you look so happy and fresh faced! Have arrived in Magnetic Island. Am tempted to go wandering but my hangover is not completely gone yet so maybe a sleep would be best! Speak to you soon sausage! Crocs rule!xxxxx

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