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September 12th 2012
Published: September 12th 2012
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Been a few weeks I think since last update. Well, I'm still working on the same tomato farm, they've said I'll be able to do my whole 3 months there which is good! Not done much else here in Atherton, as just saving money but this weekend I went to Cairns with an English friend of mine to look at a camper van for Adam and myself to travel in, and I bought it for $3,200. So I'm mobile again which is awesome! It's an old Mitsubishi but it's done less than 300,000km and is fully working, just no power steering which I'll get used to.

Did another job with Gerhard, the guy from Yungaburra, earnt a few extra dollars, and he wants me to work for him again this weekend being a surveying assistant for him, doing shots and stuff, I'm not sure but I don't know if I'll be doing that yet as it's not certain and also this week I've had a bit of a rough one. Not been to work this week so far, and the manager of the lodge came into my room not long ago telling me not to worry about the rest of the week, just get myself better. It's soooo fucking hard out here because everyone's so nice and asks are you feeling better, what's wrong, and I haven't told anyone anything! In Cairns I told Phil and Lou bits and they were really cool about it all, just here there's so many people and I don't want to be judged by my mental health. It really sucks! I talk about it when I can to Adam and a little to Mum but as they're not here, I just can't explain as well as they don't know what it's like here. I can't explain it now! Just having a minor episode I suppose at the moment, had very few and minor bad thoughts, which is really good actually believe it or not! I just feel the dull ache and sleeping alot and just not wanting to be around anyone but at the same time just wanting a cuddle! It'll be much better when Adam's out here as I'll have him to talk to and cuddle but at the moment I guess I'm struggling. But I'm better today than I was Monday and yesterday so it's progress!

Can't remember what the last update on Adam was... but he's been granted his sebatical, just waiting for his passport now so he can get his visa then I will be able to book his flight for the 25th October! 45 days today! CANNOT WAIT!

It's his birthday today which I'm pretty gutted I'm not there for, but hopefully when he gets off board, his card will be there waiting for him, and I'll get to Skype him and I can show him my black eye (I've been a bit rough in my sleep apparently and I punched myself in the face and currently have a bit of a shiner on my right eye...)

Erm, nothing else really to update... Got the van transferred into my name and have a Queensland driving licence on the way (not a necessity but got it done anyway) Oh and Adam's going to church with my Gran on Sunday to speak to the vicar, see what he says about a date and what we would need to do! So I think that's it, I hope everyone reading this is well, I miss you all lots and will speak to you soon xxx

PS been raining the last few days maybe a week, and still no tan! Grrrr


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