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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach January 13th 2015

Left Brisbane early and headed out to the Australia Zoo which is located near the Glass Mountains so it was a pretty drive up to the zoo. Having watched Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter with the boys when they were younger I was interested to see it and I have to say it is a lovely zoo, the enclosures are spacious, immaculate and very well thought out. The Irwin family were all out as part of the show when they brought out a very large croc and a guy kept jumping in the water just in front of it to get it to chase him. You wouldn't have got me in there it didn't look very friendly to me. Anyway Bindi the daughter did some songs about animals for the kids and she had a dance ... read more
Petting the grey Kangaroos
Part of the croc show
Airlie Beach, view from the balcony

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach December 9th 2014

Moji drazí čtenáři, vzdálení se od univerzitních počítačů na UQ a opuštění Brisbane s sebou přineslo ztrátu jistého a neomezeného internetového připojení, tudíž píši trochu ve skluzu. Na druhou stranu: Kdo si počká....znáte to. Moje internetové připojení, které, vězte, lovím kde se dá, mi neumožňuje nahrát fotky: buď mám k dispozici počítač, ale připojení není neomezené nebo mám rychlé a snad i neomezené připojení, ale jsem bez počítače. Většina fotek je ve foťáku, takže mobil nestačí. Věřím, že někde ze Zélandu, kde budu couchsurfingovat (vy, co tenhle způsob ubytování neznáte vydržte, na Zélandu o tom napíšu blog), seženu někoho s počítačem a bezlimitním připojením a pak k tomuto i následujícím blogům fotky a videa ex post doplním. Ale toho si všimnete :) Na začátek našeho výletu s mamk... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach November 22nd 2014

Back on dry land after a couple of days sailing on "the mighty Boomerang" (so called by her crew). Arrived in Airlie Beach courtesy of a Greyhound bus on Tuesday evening, where some nice Aussie guy gave me a lift to Base Backpackers - saving me a very long walk up a very steep hill! Checked in and was greeted by a proper fluffy towel. Probably the highlight of the trip so far! Dinner at the down under bar ($10/£5 for a drink and a meal if staying at Base) with a fellow lone traveller while watching karaoke. Up the next day to check in at the Explore Whitsundays office, and boarded Boomerang at 2pm, meeting the crew: Tommy, Brayden and Holly. Set off and sailed to our first snorkelling destination, where Brayden took us across ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach November 16th 2014

After a short minibus transfer to Cairns we got down to Townsville on Greyhound Australia. Air conditioned coach with comfortable seats and wifi, so the journey went quickly. There were 3 highlights to Townsville. The Strand is a lovely long promenade with a man made lagoon at the end near Kissing Point. Swimming in the lagoon was great, given that the sea is not so safe at this time due to the presence of stingers. It was lovely to see turtles coming up for air, just off the point. The beach by the side of The Strand is one of their habitats, where the females come ashore to lay their eggs. The second highlight was being able to watch the town's remembrance service, which was such a poignant event, interestingly attended by lots of young folk, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach October 30th 2014

Here come the pictures of a 2 days/ 2 nights cruise as well as a 1hour scenic flight over the Great Barrier Reef, the Heart Reef and some of the 74 isles of the Whitsundays.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach October 23rd 2014

As ore my previous blog I was on the 9.20pm bus to Arlie bay from Hervey Bay. It was a pretty uneventful journey, not too many people on the bus, necessary driver stops along the way and not much sleep as usual. When I got to Arlie the complementary car (not mini bus this time) came to collect us and Curtis and Jake also wanted to stay there so the 3 of us piled in and got a lift. I checked in first and as the dorm was empty from the day before I was able to check in and go to the room before 2pm - result! When I get there a lady called Catherine was already in the room. I was aware of her as she had been on Fraser Island at the same ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach May 23rd 2014

With 15-20 knot winds we had a great 30 odd mile sail from Goldsmith Island to Cid Harbour. We must be getting some protection from the reef now as the waves were not big making for a comfortable ride and as we came passed Dent Island the water was quite flat. We rode the current north with sheltered winds on our own sunset cruise, dodged a few ferries and turned up the Hunt Channel to drop anchor at Sawmill Bay. It was a calm evening with 20 other boats for company - we’re truly in the Whitsundays now! Naomi was happy to be on flat water. For various reasons our plans in Airlie Beach got changed, which meant we spent an extra night at Sawmill Bay. After Naomi made puftaloons for morning tea, we took the ... read more
In Sawmill Bay, Cid Harbour
Alex enjoying my home made bread
Looking back to Airlie Beach

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach May 10th 2014

Hungover in the morning after a big night we had to get up, pack, eat and check out once again. Millie, Lucy, Andrew, Becky, Phillip and a few others came to the bus stop to see us off. I watched Becky's video of me rapping on stage the night before and it wasn't too bad luckily. The bus arrived in the afternoon and it was one of the toughest goodbyes to date, I was absolutely gutted to be leaving my Fraser Island family! The journey was a long overnight one, around 15 hours so I spent the afternoon/evening on the bus writing blogs on my phone before taking some valium to try and get some sleep. We arrived at Airlie Beach around 6 or 7am. Our hostel didn't have a transfer for us so we had ... read more
Randomly met Tom who i met over a year ago in Thailand!
New friends
View from the lagoon

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach April 18th 2014

Fraser Island, We came, We saw, We concurred!!!!!! Fraser island was an interesting little destination. We started our journey to Fraser by catching the ferry from Inskip inlet, this is a 20minute ferry trip across to fraser and oh how expensive it was, Bloody $120 for a car and $60 for each of the bikes, and a permit to ride along the beaches, was about $50, they really do like to get their monies worth, but what they spend it on i really don't know, the first part of the drive was on a track, OMG! the corrugations were so bad!!!! The island itself is looking a little dated, we stayed in a house in Eurong, the resort here was a shocking mess, very run down and looking ever so shabby!!! food and fuel was very ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach March 27th 2014

This morning we arrived in the bay off the coast of Airlie Beach. It is located 20 degrees south latitude and it turned out to be a little cooler today than in the recent past (only about 80 degrees most of the time). That may have been because it was cloudy most of the day, but still we had a good day – no rain. We had an early wake-up call for our excursion, so we had everything packed in our carry bag last night and the clothes laid out. So when the wake-up call came at 5:45 (that doesn’t sound like something to do on a vacation L) we got right to business. We went to the buffet for breakfast and got to the theater before our 7:00 tour. We never actually got to Airlie ... read more
Coral on Reef
Fish around Feeder at Knuckle Reef
David & Janet at Great Barrier Reef

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