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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach July 10th 2015

The drive from Yeppoon to Mackay is through rather sameness cattle country, but further north, driving to Sarina where we spent the night, the country once more opens out to cane fields with tall ragged mountains in the distance. We stayed overnight at Sarina, a busy place now, not only because of the sugar mill in town, but also because a big railway terminus has been built here, no doubt for the coal mines in the area. It's the busy time in the cane fields, there are machines cutting and the big trucks next to them being filled as are the carriages of the little but long cane trains. Rail lines criss cross fields and towns as the trains take the cane to the mills, and there are quite a few mills on the way north. ... read more
a peek at Airlie Beach
at the marina, Airlie
Gorgeous views

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach May 15th 2015

Rainbow Beach Jeg ankom til Rainbow Beach omkring 15.30, så jeg kunne tjekke ind med det samme. Jeg skulle bo på Fairy Princess værelset. Da jeg kommer ind på værelset er der et stærkt lyserødtskær. Der er et lyserødt gardin for vinduerne, så der kommer et lyserødt skær over hele rummet. Der var også klistermærker af feer og prinsesser. Havde jeg ikke vidst bedre, så havde jeg troet, at det var en lille pige på 5-7 år der boede der. Det var lidt underholdende. Da der ikke var det store at lave i Rainbow brugte jeg tiden på at skrive i min dagbog, slappe af og stene lidt film. Dagen efter skulle jeg med Greyhound videre til Airlie Beach. Jeg tog bussen 15.30 og to timer efter blev vi sat af i Hervey Bay, da vi ... read more
Papegøjer ved Rainbow Beach
Rainbow Beach
Rainbow Beach

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach April 28th 2015

Hi travel followers. well, another two weeks have passed and we have visited a lot of places and done a lot of things since the last blog. From 1770 we moved on to Tannum Sands (just south of Gladstone) and I would have to say is much better than Gladstone. An excellent place to stop and is probably the best in the area. It has excellent walking and cycling tracks up to Canoe Point and the Botanic Gardens and while here we did a loop drive into Boyne Island, Gladstone and from there to Calliope and Lake Awoonga just to check out all the local places. From there we moved to Rockhampton and spent a day visiting the Capricorn Caves which included a tour of the Cathedral Cave which was interesting, but not the best cave ... read more
Teemburra Dam
Cape Hillsborough
View down the Pioneer Valley

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach April 20th 2015

Aside of being the gateway to the dreamy Whitsunday Islands, Airlie Beach is also a little town with a beautiful harbour, a nice broadwalk and a relaxing swimming lagoon. We though it would be fun and something else to sleep on a camping, so we experienced this town a bit different by sleeping in a cute tipi tent. What we totally forgot dough, is that kitchens in campings usually are not equipped.. As followed we bought a lot of food, which we discovered couldn't be cooked. Lucky, ressource full as we are, we could manage to borrow some equipments from other backpackers and create ourself some plates from our plastic waste. Despite this little snag, we fancied a lot the tennis court and watching the hunderds of multicolored birds being fed. What we tough was pretty ... read more
In our tipie tent at the camping in Airlie Beach
Habour of Airlie Beach
Airlie Beach - Sand Dragon

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach April 14th 2015

Whitsunday Island est la plus grande île de l'archipel des îles Whitsunday, juste à côté d'Airlie Beach. L'occasion rêvée pour nous de tester une nuit sur un voilier! Ambiance détendue et conviviale sur le bateau avec un nombre raisonnable de 14 personnes à bord + 2 membres d'équipage. Sam tente même la nuit sous les étoiles *** L'île est assez réputée notamment pour sa plage Whitehaven de sable blanc immaculé :-). Une petite balade sur l'île permet de découvrir un superbe point de vue et de se rendre à sa magnifique plage ! Attention par contre aux méduses! Du coup, on enfile une combi par-dessus le bikini => alors c'est pas sexy??? Haha! Le skipper nous emmène également à un spot de plongée vraiment mal d'où on peut apercevoir une île avec un hôtel de luxe ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach April 11th 2015

Charmante petite ville balnéaire, Airlie Beach est le point de départ de nombreuses excursions touristiques vers les Whitsunday Islands et la Grande Barrière de Corail. A ne pas louper bien évidemment quand on visite l'Australie. D'autres villes plus au Nord proposent les mêmes excursions, mais pour les raisons évoquées au préalable, nous n'irons pas plus au Nord. Qui dit ville touristique et cyclone dans le Nord dit??? Backpackers en masse sur Airlie Beach! C'est la folie!! Du coup bien que l'offre d'excursions soit très large, tu comprends vite que les places sur les bateaux partent comme des petits pains. Notre choix se penche au final sur 2 excursions: une première pour faire du tuba à la Grande Barrière de Corail et une deuxième en voilier dans les Whitsunday Islands :-) En attendant le départ des excursions, ... read more
Attention aux méduses!
Attention aux méduses!
Un petit barbec?

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach March 26th 2015

Hi Family, friends and bloggers, This is a boring blog as our bus was not until 17:35, if you book the premier bus its loads cheaper than the greyhound bus but there is only one a day were greyhound have three running daily!!! (cheap is the only way for us!!) We had a relaxing morning writing blogs, before we had to checkout of the hostel at 10am. I managed to talk the lady at the desk to let us leave our bags there and let us have access to the kitchen area to make our lunch and dinner and to shower after we had been to the lagoon!! We headed down to the shops to have a look around, this turned out to be a blessing as the night before the photos from the Whitsundays tour ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach March 24th 2015

Hey People, Today was our travel day to Airlie Beach, we left MB at 9.25am and arrived at Airlie at 5.30pm this was way too long to be on the bus but watched an episode of GOT and spooks and enjoyed the scenery. We had a free shuttle meet us at the bus drop off point to take us to the hostel, which was the best feeling after arriving somewhere and not knowing where to go. The driver took us on a little driving tour of Airlie beach too, which was really nice. We had the evening to explore the lagoon, shops, bars, and see the live music (this was on every night in about 3 bars which was a great surprise). The hostel is ok, the WIFI isn’t brilliant but the rooms are clean and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach March 12th 2015

Geo: -20.2679, 148.71626 February - 11 March 2015Cairns is very familiar, this is our third visit, so we stayed only a couple of nights, long enough to collect our van and settle in. We have gone for the (very slightly) upmarket Toyota HiAce Kuga, which means it is only between 6 and 9 years old and has done almost 400,000 kilometres. The layout is an improvement with a little more storage space and worktop. I love it!We were also given 2 new travelling companions, not actually human despite their behaviour. The first is a tall free standing fan which I think of as male as it is gangly with very large feet! At bedtime we love him as he keeps the temperature to a manageable level. The rest of the time we hate him as he ... read more
Better picture of Platypus than last time.
8th Wonder of World, Linotype
School of The Air teacher, kids online.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach February 20th 2015

We should have been on Heron Island today but because of the two cyclones that were due to hit land this morning all flights to Heron Island were cancelled so we had to relocate to Airlie Beach four days earlier than we were due here. I am so glad we did because watching the morning news this morning it look quite terrifying. We got a call frm reception last evening to move all the furniture on the balcony closer to the doors because bad weather was expected here last night. When we woke up this morning the sea was like a mill pond and the sky was clear - not a rain cloud in site. it has been really hot today somi think we have been really lucky. Now sitting on the balcony enjoying a lovely ... read more

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