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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach December 6th 2017

This morning Alex’s laptop would not pick up her emails. It kept on showing a drop down box message that wanted her password. We kept on putting it in but it kept saying it was wrong. I managed to find a shop in Cannonvale who could help. Got the bus and dropped it off. Went back to Airlie Beach to meet Alex who was having her hair done to tell her the news. I went to the lagoon for a swim, water temp 33.8c and panic tan session. Alex tips up for the same. Salad for lunch then back to our room for a siesta. Kieren from dateline computers rings up. The password we gave him is wrong. Alex goes through her list of passwords and we get the correct one. Pick up fixed laptop tomorrow. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach December 5th 2017

Got up, went for breakfast, waited for the taxi. $66 later we are at Airlie Beach. Our Airbnb is on a hill with great views of the marina and coast. We went for a long walk and booked in for our sailing trip on Friday. The Europcar office is 2 shops down from the sailing shop where we can store our luggage For $5 each. We also get a kit list of stuff to take. Salad for lunch then off to Woollies to shop for tea. We still reckon that it’s expensive here. We both bought new sun hats, just gotta get them home. Went for an evening walk along the broad walk before dinner. Still nice and warm. No pics today as I forgot to put the Syd card back into the camera. Soppy boy! ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach November 29th 2017

Dear people! I got some exciting news and other stuff to tell you. On December 27th i will be leaving Australia for outreach and i am going to Papua New Guinea!!!!! Woeeehoeeee!!! We are going to do some exciting stuff there. The first half we will be having a confrence and we will be giving a 2 week dicipelship training course. That is a dts but then smaller. For the second half our plans or not clear yet. We are still praying for what God would like to do next for us. I am so excited for this outreach to see how God will work through me and use me in his kingdom. So during this DTS a couple of times i told God that i submit myself to him with everything i got. That i ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach July 5th 2017

On the boat we were up at 7:20am before setting of to our second snorkelling spot of the trip. Again I was so proud of myself for getting in the water - even with the noodle! There were only 6 of us this time - me, Alex, Fabio, Alicia, Louise and Griffin. There were lots of little fish at this one and some lovely coral, but again some of the coral had been damaged by bloody Cyclone Debbie. One bit of coral that looked insane was one that looked like a brain - it made me think about how things are formed and how similar things could be - then I got water in my mask so that brought me right back to reality and to chill, those kind of thoughts are too deep for the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach July 1st 2017

So this day was a travel day, alarm wake up call was 'Shut up and dance'. It was a real 'go getter' type of feeling till I realised it was 6:45 am and we had a 7 hour journey ahead of us. The journey did go fast however, it was full of films - Rabbit Proof Fence and Australia - not going to say no to a bit of Hugh Jackman. We arrived at Airlie Beach Harbour and got on to the boat asap due the the tide going out. We set off sailing which was brilliant, as my family knows I'm not a great sailor but this was a brilliant experience, the boat was tilted right over as we sat on the high side. Just an hour and a half of sailing and we anchored ... read more
Me and Alex

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach May 8th 2017

After a 12 hour bus ride to Arlie beach, the sight of Ali waiting to collect us was a welcome one! We wasted no time and grabbed food before heading out of town to some waterfalls for a swim and a good catch up! Ali showed us around and we ended up having a beer and a game of pool at a local bar! The banter and insults were flying, the sun was shining- what more could you want? Later that evening we were off on our boat tour around the Whitsundays. Our boat was nice and we had our own cabin between the three of us! To say space was tight was an understatement, but it made for good fun! Day 1 we woke up at sea and headed off for white haven beach (the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach May 4th 2017

Here are some photos with text to give a feel of our Whitsunday Islands time. Once again the weather could have been a bit kinder but the rain today has given us a breather to plan our fast approaching time in Sydney and to catch up with laundry. Oh yes, and I got a long over due hair cut - please note that the photo of me below includes a hat which wasn't just for protection from the sun. Watch out for the next one with my smart Aussie styling! Tomorrow we will travel further south towards our treat of 4 days on Heron Island and then Sydney afterwards.... read more
Bowen mango
Catamaran sailing - On Ice
Salty sea dog Steele...

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach March 4th 2017

Geo: -20.2679, 148.716... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach March 3rd 2017

It is a year ago that we embarked on another cruise journey, this time on Voyager of the Seas to Airlie Beach, Brisbane and Willis Island (Queensland Australia). This cruise was very different for us, for 3 reasons: we booked it at the ‘last minute’ in the end of January, usually I plan for months before going on a cruise, but the timing was right and the price was right so we booked it. it was our first cruise as Royal Caribbean Diamond members - among other perks, we would now receive free alcohol form 5pm - 830pm everyday!! Yahoo!! I had created a facebook chat group for this cruise, I had been in a few of these groups before and helped out with admin duties but I had never created and run one myself, let ... read more
Shine Bright Like a Diamond
PO from Kung Fu Panda

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach December 15th 2016

It's a hot and humid g'day from Airlie Beach, where we are having a few days of relaxation after spending a week or so driving up the east coast of Australia from the city of Brisbane, about 1100km south of here. The decorations are up, festive music abounds, and the regulation advent calendar has been purchased, however applying the after sun to various bits of sun burn and sweating it out in temperatures of 30 celsius does seem slightly novel at this time of year. After flying over from a much more temperate New Zealand, we arrived in Brisbane to the haziness of Queensland's first heat wave of the summer, with temperatures reading a searing 38 degrees. Built around the meandering Brisbane River, we enjoyed the city's weekend hustle and bustle, with plenty of cafes, parks ... read more

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