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November 11th 2010
Published: November 16th 2010
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Sorry it has been so long since my last entry!

We have travelled a few thousand miles (probably more like hundreds) and have ended up in sunny and sometimes rainy Queensland, Australia. I will try to cast my mind back to the places we have visited and the things that we have seen.

Singapore: A lovely city that is very clean but is also packed with things to do and kind people that will help you do it. We sampled the many malls that seem to occupy every corner but it was very handy when I needed to buy a portable hard drive for my photos. We travelled around seeing the sights and had a Singpore Sling in Raffles Hotel. It was the most expensive drink I have ever had. I cant even remember how it tasted but I suppose it is a historical place to have a famous drink! We then found the bunker where the British forces (mainly Indian, Malaysian and Australian troops) decided to surrender to the Japanese in WW2. It was cool as our guided tour included headphones that told the story as you went and buzzed very loudly whenever a camera flash went off. It felt like your head was going to explode! Another day we visited Sentosa Island and found an almost Disney like experience. You arrive on a monorail where you are greeted by a group of teens waving. Most of the people who work here are under 20 and the compulsory waving at every attraction on the island became fun. I still wave at everyone now. We went to a show in the evening called Songs of the Sea as I thought it would be good to see some culture. I was wrong. Very wrong. If you have time, google the show and wait until I get back and I will show you the video I took of Natalie. Her face shows what can only be described as "Complete Disappointment". Oops, and it was my idea. We visited the Singapore Night Safari and Zoo whcih are both excellent attractions. Where else can you feed elephants, see a lion roar and watch a flying fox wee all over a Japanese tourist.

Perth: We flew to Perth overnight and the next day. We went to bed in Australia with no dinner! Horrible! Perth is very funny and expensive but it was great to feel more at home in an English speaking country. We met up with my Uni mate Graeme and his mates for a drink that evening and they suggested we join them on the Swan River winery tour. We did. Brilliant fun, wine, good company, lovely weather and topped off with free chocolate at the Chocolate Factory! We then decided to hire a camper van and drive south on a lap of Southern Western Australia (if that makes sense!) We visited Albany, a whaling town with Whaleworld, which showcases the horror and carnage of harvesting whales. I liked it, Nat didn't. We also visited Denmark, a small town with a good pie shop. Other places we visited over the 9 days included Augusta, Margaret River (more wine, yummy) and Bunbury. It was here that we got to meet wild dolphins. Not swim with them but they swam around us when we stood watching them. It was lovely. We saw around 7 which apparently is unheard of! After travelling back to Perth and Graeme kindly putting us up we flew to Cairns.

Cairns: I have never heard anyone saying that they liked it here. I loved it. Small enough to walk around and cheap compared to Perth. Our hostel was good and the swimming lagoon provided a clean safe place to swim as the beaches were crap and you may get eaten by a croc! We went on a few day trips. One was up to Kuranda on a Skytrain (gondola) and then back on an old train that wound its way down a canyon. We also visited an animal park where we cuddled a Koala. Apparently you cant do this further south! We watched some aboringinies dancing and tried to throw a boomerang. I chickened out nd just watched. Next day we went to the Great Barrier Reef where I did dive number 10 and Nat and I then snorkeled. I saw a turtle eating on my dive and Nat and I saw one snorkeling. I mean we were snorkeling and it was trying to swim away from us. I also saw a small shark. Awesome!

Cape Tribulation: We travelled up the coast to where the jungle meets the beach. Yes it does. I can tell you that as I have seen it. I also have paid $4 to see one Flying Fox in the "Bat House". A clever name that describes exactly what the attraction has to offer. ONE BAT! Anyway, we chilled out in the pool and the beach for a couple of nights and then headed back to Cairns to catch our first Greyhound!

Magnetic Island and Townsville: We stayed in Townsville for a couple of nights and did not visit any attraction. A lack of money and fatigue had set in which caused a bit of tension but we then decided to head to Magnetic Island for snorkling and some more island life. Our arrival on Maggie was easy and reinvigorated the two of us as we both bought snorkles for the many bays that offer reefs and marine life........Guess what? Absolutely no visibility! And quite choppy too. In the end we went on the fort walk which is where some WW2 gun emplacements were built on the island. It is also one of the few places to see Koalas in the wild! And we saw one and heard another grunting. We tried snorkling again but the conditions were not good enough so we spent most of our time in the pool and renting DVDs in the evenings. But it felt to good to recharge for the next couple of days which are going to prove to be difficult.

I am now in Airlie Beach where it has rained alot recently. We are heading to Hervey Bay tonight but it takes 14 hours to get there on the greyhound. I will neaver complain about travelling anywhere in the UK again. I miss tiny old blighty but cant wait to see Brisbane, Australia Zoo and Sydney. I expect I will write again from there.

Happy Rememberance day and hope that bonfire night was good. Hope you are all well. Sorry for such a long blog and the fact that it seems like it was written by a child. Oh well, I am a science teacher after all.



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