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March 5th 2008
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On Saturday 9th February we set off with Aussie Sarah in her campervan to Bundaberg (Bundy), a town close to 'Childers'. We went to a few shops and for lunch at the Bundy Tavern before heading over to the Bundy Rum Distillery which was cool as it had a huge bottle of Rum outside it and we had fun taking some mad pictures there, we also went to the Ginger Beer distillery too where we got talking to one of the woman who worked there who it turned out was married to a Scottish guy (Paisley). She was lovely and let us try all the different drinks they made-was great fun! After buying some Sasparilla we then headed to where we would be setting up camp that night, by a gorgeous beach which was right next to the Turtle Conservation Centre which we would be visiting that night to see the turtles coming out of the water. So after a paddle in the water and some dinner we walked over and were given our tickets and group numbers-we were in group 5. After a couple of hours waiting about eventually we got called and headed out in the pitch black to watch one of the huge jaggerhead turtles coming out of the water and laying its eggs in the sand, it was awesome! We also got to touch a baby turtle too which was so cool! Once we finished up there it was about 1 in the morning and so we wearily walked back to camp, me and Laura headed to bed in the tent and Sarah headed to her camper. After a some what comfortable sleep we got up the next morning, had our showers and set off to 'Agnes Waters' which is also known as '1770' where we would stay overnight and try out surfing! Once we had found a campsite there we set up and went a wander around. We found a gorgeous beach and so went for a dip, before heading back to camp to have some drinks, a laugh and make some dinner (sannies again). We had a good laugh that night camping mostly due to having to pee in the bush with god knows what around us-me and Laura found this hilarious! (Think you may have had to have been there) Anyway, the following morning we got everything packed away and had some brekkie before heading to the Surf shop where we would be meeting our group and instructors-the 2 Paul's. Once we had met them we all walked down to the beach and got put in to pairs, i went with a lovely Irish girl called Katrina, this was so me and Laura could go in to the water and try out surfing together. You would take it in turns with your partner to go in to the water in 15 minute stints as otherwise you would get really tired so me and Laura headed in for our first 15 mins, and oh what a laugh! Basically over the next 3 hours we were in and out the water falling about, being engulfed in waves, drinking the water, and having a laugh! Neither of us managed to stand but we both were able to ride the waves kneeling-superb fun! I honestly never would have thought surfing would be that hard but my god it took it out of us! Once the lesson was finished we all took our boards back to the park then headed back to a much deserved shower, only due to us living on a campsite we had to make do with a cold outside one, ah well at least it got the sand off us (thank god as i think Laura was going to freak out, she hates sand lol!) Once we had our showers and lunch it was time to get on the road again and head to our next stop of Gladstone! I should also mention the fact that it hadnt stopped raining both days we had been travelling, it was coming down heavy and there had been major floods around the East Coast, we were just praying it didnt stop us on our roadtrip! Anyway, so we got to Gladstone after a few hours of driving, we first nipped to a couple of shops, one for me and Laura to buy hoodies as actually cold!!! We decided to treat ourselves and go to a powered site which meant we could charge our phones, camera's etc ooo the excitement! So once we had set up camp, had dinner and got organised we discovered the campsite had a tv lounge, oh the joy! As Sarah headed to her camper for a read me and Laura got excited about watching 'The Biggest Loser' etc we had a great time! About 9ish we headed to bed as the tv lounge got locked at night and ran for the tent-the rain was thumping down! We got to the tent, hopped in and as we both lay down to snuggle up to our jumpers for the night we instead shrieked with horror, our tent was flooded! We were drenched! What the hell!!!! As we tried to fix it but got even wetter we realised we needed to find somewhere else to sleep, we couldnt disturb Sarah as she was asleep, the tv lounge was locked, everywhere was locked, what could we do????.......The answer lay in the toilets, yes folks we spent the night in the shower cubicles! oh the comfort! NOT!!! As i lay in one with plops of water dropping on me every 2minutes Laura lay in the next one, we had a drain between us! From 9.30pm until the following morning at 6am we spent our time laying on the cold tiles (which were imprited on my face the next morning) of the shower cubicles. I must have dozed off because at 6am i was awoken by the cubicle next to me being used and i was getting wet! I jumped up, shouted at Laura to get up before she got soaked and we ran out, luckily the tv lounge had now been opened and so we cheered with joy, laughed with hilarity at how the both of us looked and collapsed on to the leather couches! ah bliss! I had to call home to tell them about it, so after about 30 minutes trying to tell my dad through the tears of laughter falling down my face about what had happened i came off the phone as did Laura and we had some brekkie! Once Sarah was up we all got ready and left Gladstone for Airlie Beach!

The journey to Airlie was perhaps the funniest road trip ever, we decided to wave at all the truck drivers and if they waved back we got a point, after a while we started doing it with any vehicle, it was hilarious! The rain again was coming down in sheets so once at Airlie we couldnt stay at a campsite as we couldnt dry out the tent so we decided to treat ourselves and stay at a hostel. This however, proved to be a very hard task since they were either all booked out or asking for a disgraceful amount of money so we decided to..........all sleep in the one man camper! Airlie had a gorgeous lagoon and so we decided to go for a dip in that which was amazing, as it was night time and so pretty! We then got ready, sat and had a good few drinks in the camper beofre heading to the pub to get extremely drunken! A few hours later it was mission complete, we were a drunken trio who had danced the night away! We headed back to the camper where Laura lay outstreched in the front with legs out one window and head out the other, and me and Sarah lay out in the back, my head on her legs and her head on my legs, it was hilarious! We were all so 'merry' though that we really didnt care!

We each awoke the following morning with thunping heads and feeling a little dodgy-i blame the goon! (basically a box of extremely cheap wine made from things you dont want to know about) we decided to go for a dip in the lagoon then go for a Mickey D's which unfortunately for me i seen in reverse! But as time went on we felt better and were able to funcion properly. We decided that we would def be staying somewhere with beds tonight and so checked in to a campsite but one that had beds etc-we got a teepee!!!! It was brillaint! Sarah slept in her camper and me and Laura slept in a teepee, awesome!!! The only productive thing we done that day was book our 'Great Barrier Reef' trip woohoo, we would be going the following day! That night however was spent chilling out, laying in our beds and wishing for the next day to come!

Eventually it did and it was time to explore the great barrier reef! We got picked up by a big bus at about 8.30am and taken to the dock where a huge big boat awaited us! It was so cool, and huge!! We boarded and sat down in the big huge air-conned room where we were introduced to all the staff who were lovely! We met one of the woman who looked exactly like Sarah Jessica Parker, we had to tell her, she was lovely and even got a picture taken with us so we could say we met SJP woohoo!!! The day was spent sailing to the reef, having morning tea along the way with tea, coffee, water, cakes, scones etc and being told about the days activites. Once there we met the pontoon, which was awesome, it had a big water slide etc-so cool! We went on a glass bottom boat for 30minutes, a semi-submersive submarine for 30 minutes exploring the reef, and we went snorkelling! It was amazing! We seen all sorts of coral and a turtle! It was soo cool! The best part though was actually wearing wet suits-they were hilarious! I have been snorkelling a few times now on this trip but never worn a wet suit, me and Laura had what a laugh wearing them and walking about the deck in our flippers, so hilarious!!!

As the day unfortunately came to a end we headed back on the boat and had some lunch whilst sailing back to Airlie. The lunch was yummy, lots of salad, coldmeat, rolls, pasta, etc oh and also seafood (which i dont like but looked awesome if you did) i however thought i would be daring and try a oyster-bleugh!!!!!!!miniging!! but i was proud of myself for trying it at least! We also had afternoon tea of more cakes, crisps (or chips should i say since thats what the Aussies call them!) crackers and cheese etc. Once back on land we walked off stuffed with food and extremely happy! It was a fantastic day! Back at Airlie we went for a walk, took some piccies then headed back to our teepee for a good nights sleep!

Next day we headed off for Tully, where Sarah would be leaving me and Laura off. We were starting work again, only this time with banana's! Sarah was continuing her trip up to Cairns then back home again but it was time for me and Laura to earn some more pennies again so 'Banana Barracks' hostel in Tully would be our home for the next 3 weeks or so we thought! (find out in my next blog!)

Our roadtrip had been absolutely amazing, full of laughter and fun! Sarah had a been a great chick to travel with and we will hopefully keep in touch with her, we have her address so we can send her 'The Fratellies' album-we are making Glasgow known to the world haha! A fab time was had by all-holding a turtle, surfing for the first time, seeing the great barrier reef and of course not to forget sleeping in a shower cubicle, a one man camper and getting extremely drunken, fun fun fun!!!!!

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Irn Bru!!!Irn Bru!!!
Irn Bru!!!

And i never even bought a bottle-keeping myself for home!

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