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May 1st 2010
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So after dropping Michael off at Brisbane we start our journey north. We go in search of some surf and decide to stop at Noosa again. This time we stay at a campsite near the river. This is a great site in a perfect location with a great camp kitchen right on the waters edge. We spent time surfing and relaxing just getting ready for our long journey up to Cairns which is 1700 kms away and we only go 100kms tops in the van so its a long way.....

While we are camping one night, Shenton is sitting by the van and a possum just comes right up to his feet and starts to stare at him, he got some great shots as he posed for him up a tree, but I have managed to delete all these pictures from the camera, oops. I think they look like a cross between a big rat and a squirrel so I wasnt that bothered about getting a closer look!

After leaving Noosa as we start our long journey we decide that we will stop in the town of 1770 or Agnes Waters which apparently is the last place you can surf on the way up North. It is also the place where Captain Cook first landed in, you guessed it, 1770. It is a really small town and is still very underdeveloped. It only got electricity in 1987 and even this year the raod to the town was flooded and so noone could get in or out for 4 days.

We stay one night at a campsite on the waters edge, which at first seemed really nice but as it was raining we went to sit in the camp kitchen and got told that we were breaking the rules by plugging in our laptop (we didnt have a powered site) and sitting around for too long after we had finished our food! Crazy people in charge so we decided we would not extend our stay here any longer.

We got up early and Shenton went for a surf, the waves looked a bit rough to me so I stayed on the beach to watch him. After a while he came back in and as he got closer I saw something was wrong with the board, he said a wave basically slammed him so hard that the board broke in two! Well it certainly is the last place we will surf now on the way north! We left it by the recylcing bins and before we had even got the van started a group of boys had taken it away. In the end we sold them the bag and fins to go with it so they were happy and we got some cash back :-)

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