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January 19th 2010
Published: January 19th 2010
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Well guys a lot has happened since we last blogged ....as ever.

Next stop was Brisbane...again another city. We stayed in a dorm here 30 beds in one room my god it stank it was in the basement so no light and 30 travelers smelly shoes and clothes just isnt a good plan plus the midnigt bedhopping that you just dont want to hear just close your eyes and think of england!.

We spent our time here as much as we could outside. Brisban has a man made beech right in the centre it was amazing to see and so great for families...they seem to be good here at creating things for kids to do.
We walked around the city and then went on to Steve Irwins Australia Zoo. Crikey mate it was Bonza!
Honestly it was a good day we have spent 3 months avoiding zoos but couldnt miss this one even without Steve being there. We met his Wife and Kids and saw even his little girl feeding the crocs in the crazy way he did and in all it was a great zoo. The animals are kept in acres of land that isnt on display then they take it in turn to be on display in the parts you can see. The whole day was entertaining and great fun.

We got our tent to save money and went on to our next stop Noosa full of excitement to camp. We arrived in the evening and started walking to the campsite it took us hours in the heat with our bags so we were exhausted and dripping with sweat only to find out the site was full. By now it was dark we walked to a hostel and they were full it was getting beyond a joke we started calling hostels but everywhere was full and wouldnt even let us camp on the grass. We got so desperate we started looking for hedges to sleep behind. The police are quite hot on illeagle camping. Anyway after lots of tears we descided to just keep walking we couldnt sleep in the trees because we were scared of snakes and spiders so walking was all we could do to stop us for giving in....eventually we came across a hostel that had room thankgod. We got to our dorm to find lots of teenage boys who basicly told us if we wanted to sleep to piss off and find another room, so we went back to reception to get another key but this room there didnt seem to be any spare beds so third time lucky we got a bed and some sleep.

Noosa seems to be a oz LA so lots of rich kids on holidays in Villas that daddy has paid for but apart from that it was very pretty we walked along the cost and chilled on the beach but not much else.

After this time we wee felling pretty much as down as we could be nothing seemed to be working out and we were just pretty much pissed off with australia so we went on to Lees aunty Veras in Hervey bay.

My god it was great...ok so shes has a beautiful house and was so happy to see us ...a reception we had yet to experience in Oz. We spent a whole week at Veras chilling on the beautiful beaches or using her jeep to visit local villages like Rainbow beech, Tin Can bay and Bundaberg...it was so nice to have our own transport and have a nice bed to come home to and of course lots of great food. When driving you really get a sense of just how vast the country is with miles upon miles of nothingness and a few ranches dotted here and there oh and a few dead Kangaroos thrown in.

While at veras and for my birthday we went to fraiser Island the worlds biggest sand island. We did a 2 night 3 day self drive trip in a group of nine we were given a 4x4 and camping equipment and pretty much left to do our own thing....we had such a good time here a far cry from the last few days! The group was great fun and took it in turns driving in the sand, getting stuck in the sand and digging out of the sand. We had dingos in our camp at night and saw huge stingray in the sea and lots of huge jelly fish which lee stayed well clear of after his experience in Thailand all thoes years ago.
We drove in the day to visit the sites on the island and on the last day went to a pefect lake right in the middle it was so perfect we had a great time there just all messing around we didnt want to leave.

We are now in a town called 1770 socalled because in 1770 Captin Cook landed here. We are finally camping in the grounds of a hostel but its the most beautiful hostel we have ever seen more like a retreat with beautiful grounds and a pool we are staying here because it is cheep for 4 days. We used the free yes free push bikes to explore yesterday and are having surf lessons tomorrow. Everything seems too cheap to be true so we are making the most of it.

Its funny how quickly you can be down and how quickly you can be loving it again. With all the stories from home we are so jealous of all the snow and cant believe we have missed the best snow in England ever but hey I guess we will get over it.

Love to you all as ever and thankyou our regulars for all the messages and sorry about the spelling cant find spell check woops and as ever will add the photos as soon as I can you cant do it on all computers.

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20th January 2010

So glad you are having a good time again. You're not missing much with the snow, it was fun at first, but then it just meant you couldn't go out anywhere because you couldn't drive or walk!! One day last week I couldn't get to work and Jon stayed home too, we pulled monty along the road in a plastic storage box because we don't have a sledge - he loved it and got lots of funny looks from passers by!! We've got our next scan in a couple of weeks time and hopefully we can find out if we're having a boy or a girl - we're very excited about that! Lots of love Heidi, J and Monty xxx
24th January 2010

Hi Lee Katy
Sorry to hear you were a bit down. glad you are having a good time again. Next time you are in the hostel and you are leaving early next morning leave the little twats a wee jobbie as billy connelly would say. Sorry I missed your phone call but it is really noisy in the factory. Hope to hear from you soon, Sounds nice that your auntie was so good to you both. I am a bit jealous of your visit to Steve Irwins zoo, would like to see that. All this talk of beaches and sun is a bummer cos it took another 4 hours to get to work last week due to the snow ! Having a lazy day today, watching Stoke on the tele. Take care, Have loads of fun. Love dad and babs xx
27th January 2010

hello we are glad you are having a good time where are you off to next... lilly is changing by the day,talking a lot more and getting even more bossier,so when you come back be prepared to be told what to do.... (god love her).she is still looking for a new lorry for lee and she still thinks that you are on a plane we have told her that its not long now till your back... its good to here that you are enjoying yourself.. keep well love from del,lacey and lilly.
6th February 2010

Hope you still having a good time. Enjoying all your photos. Grandad been watching the football he says Pompey are bottom of the league and playing Man U today! Sun is shining here at moment and snow all gone. Grandad is fine - leg bit better now. Lilly came to see us yesterday and was a nightmare, into everything! Grandad going to Ringwood next Sat night with Chubby, Del boy, Sue and Lilly. Wishing you a happy birthday for the 18th. All our love Nan and Grand xxxxxxxxx (By the way Nan was welling up when dictating this message!!!!)

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