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May 16th 2016
Published: June 25th 2017
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Well here we are in the middle of May. May 16, 2016 and Mac is 60. Yipee. Like all good 60 year olds he has been celebrating all month so how could this day be any better.

We continued our commitment to sunrises and after a quick little rip and tear of the birthday paper, Mac was greeted by Lewis and the group with warm birthday wishes. Another sunrise this morning, complete with a little cloud cover to add a bit of variety to the show. There were group poses and yoga poses as we hugged the side of the road for this morning's light show that encompassed the horizon as well as the reflections on both Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

The real adventure however, was just around the corner. The 10 km complete base walk. We were joined at the head of the walk by Richard and Loraine and quickly settled into the rhythm of the walk and the "lessons." Lewis's insights added significance to the trees, caves, art and animals we found in the early part of the walk.

It was a beautiful morning to mark the middle of May.

Loraine and I peeled off after the first three kilometres and left Mac and Richard with Lewis and the rest of the committed walkers from Longitude 131 including Sue and Jacquie. So now I am over to the Editor at Large of the blog for his contribution. And have to say it's not bad and is accompanied by pictures. So here goes:

"We walked at a good pace. Lewis told some good stories. There's something wrong with the camera, it kept taking pictures by itself. We both wore fly nets. There were so many flies. It was hot. And the same old rule applies....what happens on tour stays on tour."

He thinks he is so funny.

But they did make it and tracked it on Endomondo!

Richard and Loraine headed out to another walk at Kata Tjuta but we were committed to lunch. As always, everything was prepared to perfection. I know this seems impossible, but I think I had my "favourite" today. It was so simple. A grilled cauliflower with cous cous. Can't begin to rave enough about the flavours.

A two hour leisurely lunch and then the afternoon was ours. We popped the cork on the champagne in the fridge. Enjoyed cheese, crackers and nuts. And had a couple of hours that were
filled with birthday calls and best wishes.

The sun approaching the horizon was our cue to put the glad rags on for our private dinner.

The walk through to dinner included a quick catchup on the day's adventure with Leo and Sue and Stephanie and Jacqui. What a perfect prelude....a cold drink, a few laughs and birthday wishes all round.

Lauren was our host for the evening for our private dinner under the stars. Perched high on the private dune top we could see over the glowing expanse of the Field of Light, could make out the shape of Uluru as the sky darkened and when all vestige of daylight dropped over the horizon our ceiling was the twinkling brilliance of a southern night. The table was host to all the good things to follow. Champagne, wines, a bit of rum and all the delectable dishes on Mac's personally embossed menu to mark the occasion. No detail was missed and as we sat, sipped, chatted and laughed, Lauren was charged with dashing up and down the face of the dune making it all happen. Replete with a personal chocolate birthday cake and a rendition of "the song" (lead by a heavily accented Israeli voice) it was certainly the way to mark THE date.

At least, that's what Mac tells me. He says it was a perfect night.

And so it is confession time. Wrapped in the kangaroo pouch of the brown poncho and personally responsible for downing way too many champagnes, I do believe the photographic evidence of me clutching a glass slumped over the table is a true indication of my selfless dedication to celebrating Mac's birthday. No idea how I got home! (And in a purely #Fab5 reflective moment, would think that someone could have easily wrapped me in toilet paper and hoisted me up to a whale viewing ledge...lucky there was no table, a "g" or the naughty one! Just saying.)

I do remember registering 12.02 am on Tuesday morning and declaring festivities officially over. Well, in my mind at least.

Thanks to all for best wishes! He has celebrated in style.

Continuing our love affair with Longitude 131.

PS Very relieved @AuntyGail&Paul are checking our mail. Mac should receive his Seniors Card any day now. Tempted to abort the journey and rush home to pick it up!

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20th May 2016

Happy, happy birthday Mac.......won't say, hope you had a great's obvious you have had an absolute ball!!!!!! What a wonderful day of fabulous 60th memories.....and don't worry my Love, your 'seniors card' is in very good hands w
aiting for you......and does 60 feel any different to 59?????....xoxoxo

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