Time in the Top End - Part 2 - The Rock

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October 21st 2012
Published: October 22nd 2012
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Howdy Folks - we hope you enjoyed the first part of this update, now get your cocoa ready for the main presentation... At this time of year Darwin experiences what is called 'the build up'. Here the heat and humidity increases but it doesn't rain. Aircon usage goes through the roof and people just sweat when they cross the street. We decided that it was time to leave Darwin and hit t... Read Full Entry

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The Rock up closeThe Rock up close
The Rock up close

It was great to get up close and get a different view of the giant rock.
Is that a face I see?Is that a face I see?
Is that a face I see?

Aboriginals see this as a spiritual place where the souls of their ancestors can reside. Could this be one of them?
The OlgasThe Olgas
The Olgas

Are they as spectacular as The Rock?
The Dust DevilThe Dust Devil
The Dust Devil

A mini tornado that crosses the horizon in these Outback parts
The DingoThe Dingo
The Dingo

These are quite elusive in the Outback
This is Crocodile Dundee countryThis is Crocodile Dundee country
This is Crocodile Dundee country

And this is the pub in the film
Undara at sunsetUndara at sunset
Undara at sunset

With cheese, sparkly and scenic views

24th October 2012

Hey guys, Fabulous pictures and a great blog M- very funny! Glad you enjoyed the rock.. i can feel the spiritual side just looking at the pictures! will read on as im sure there is more lol xxx
25th October 2012
The Dust Devil

I am amazed that crazy Poms (my presumption) were quite happy to hitch a ride from Darwin to Cairns via Uluru...seemingly unfazed it was to be for 1,000s of kms!!! But what a ride. Forever South to Mt Connor, Uluru & Kata Tjuta to weave their magic on you...then you headed forever East to Atherton Tablelands to Cairns...guided by an accommodating guy who wanted company for the long, long drive. My sister married an ex Grenadier guard in Katherine N.T...hitched up their vehicles and crawled across the Top End to Ravenshoe in the Atherton Tablelands...so I have some appreciation of the distances! Gotta say its nice to hear of others who travel the distances of this vast land. In OZ they are often Grey Nomads criss-crossing the country in nomadic retirement...a definite on our bucket list.
25th November 2012
The Rock up close

hey guys sounds like your still having fun and more great blogs well written M!!!! So wish i could come and share some of your adventures, alas i am going through a greivence procedure, so will stay put and see it out! lol But be safe and carry on having the time of your lives!! Cant wait for the next blog (hopefully it wont be too long though M ha ha ha) love ya guys xxx

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