Red dirt, not a cloud in the sky

Published: May 5th 2017
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Travelling for fourteen and a half hours on a coach sounds like hell right?

Well, what if I told you it wasn't.
It's been one of my favourite journeys. I've travelled extensively around Australia by flying in planes. And I've also done a lot of road trips along the coast and outback in cars with friends.
 Coach travel is very different. You're alone with literally nothing to occupy you except the beautiful landscape.

You imagine the outback as just desert, like you see on posters but what you actually get is almost opposite.
  It is thriving with life.
Different trees, bushes, plants of different greens and browns.
Animals such as emus, kangaroos, echidnas.
There's termite mounds, I've lost count how many I've seen in the past 5 hours of this coach journey.

The dirt and soil is different.
It's varying shades of red. Sometimes the soil is black where there has been either a bush fire or a controlled fire (which stops huge bush fires from happening).

The sky is completely blue, there's not one cloud in the sky to ruin such a beautiful dry landscape.

I wish I could stop the coach, hop off and take in the smells of the atmosphere and the heat of the sun and be in that moment for a few minutes.

You see so many different things, if you just look out of the window and not looking down at a game/phone/movie.


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