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Surprise Creek Falls(SC) via the Reynolds River track(RRT) to Buley Rock Holes(BR) with visit to Florence Falls(FF)(5407 km to 5470 km). Lovely drive RRT but can be slow going at times with numerous river crossings, soft sand and few bumps.... read more

Mataranka(M) to Surprise Creek Falls(SC) in Litchfield N.P. via Reynolds River Track(RRT) (5057 km to 5407 km) CADES DIARY Litchfield National Park : Surprise Creek Falls - Excellent -got to jump off top of waterfall and high rock ledges into plunge pool. Swimming at Buley Rockholes, Florence Falls and Wangi Falls was also good. My favourite:Surprise Creek Falls. It was a blast jumping off the top of the waterfall.... read more

Today we headed to Litchfield National Park, about 130km south of Darwin. We had our lunch packed for a picnic, and our swimmers ready to explore some of the waterfalls and rock pools that had been recommended. Our first stop were the magnetic termite mounds. The magnetic termite builds these 2 metre high mounds and a blade shape. This is done to best take advantage of the environment in which they live – the sun beats down on the mound only in a few places, and it also catches the cooler wind currents. There were hundreds of these mounds in the field we could see. Across the road were the taller and more rounded cathedral termite mounds. The tallest we saw was over 5 metres. These have the appearance of a dribble castle that you might ... read more

Tuesday 19th – we were packed up and ready to go soon after 9am. We had enjoyed our stay at the Oasis Caravan Park but it was time to move on. We had decided not to go into Kakadu National Park as we had spent some time there on our previous visit, but would head for Batchelor which was fairly close to Litchfield National Park. As it was only 100 kms we were parked up by the Big 4 Caravan Park at 10.15. We’d booked a site on the internet and the receptionist was quite happy for us to move on straight away. We were very pleasantly surprised at the roominess of the site and it was surrounded by palm trees. With no expert guidance available it was left to me to help Graham reverse Sweetie ... read more
Replica in minature of Karlstein Castle
Why are these magnetic termite mounds in this area?
It's incredible how they are built

Last morning in the outback!!!!!! It has been such a wonderful time! But the best is yet to come, Litchfield is a much smaller national park but it is the most glorious for someone like me who loves the water. We vist Florence Falls this morning and only the guide Craig and myself and 3 of the kids hit the water. It is fantastic, pristine water hole carved in the stone by the river and the water falls cascading down on top of you. It's hard to swim to the waterfall because of the strong current but it can be done. We have to leave as the larger tour bus has arrived and the people are swarming all over the place. The 6 AM rise gave us first shot at the water hole in the relative ... read more
Flying High on Stuart Highway WWII airstrip
Last Request

Leaving Katherine we head north on our way to the Litchfield National Park. We stop at Edith Falls on the way and check out the campground and lake. We also call in to Robin Falls. Our next stop is Adelaide River where we visit the War Cemetery, this is such a beautiful place and so well looked after. It was very moving to walk around the War Cemetery and the General Cemetery next to it and read the names of so many young men and women. Litchfield National Park was our next destination, inside the park we stopped at the magnetic termite mounds, Buley Rockhole - great spot but too crowded and Florence Falls whcih was just lovely, we had a swim here and were able to see quite a lot of fish swimming around very ... read more
Magnetic Termite Mounds
very large Cathedral Termite Mound

Litchfield National Park to Darwin Our morning travels started after the mozzies cleared, and we soon made our way to Bark Hut Inn along the Arnhem Highway to get just enough fuel to get us to a bigger (and cheaper) stop. (11.5L @ 173.5c/L). After being advised by a worker here that Fogg Dam was beautiful and worthwhile checking out, we stopped at this location not far from Humpty Doo – only to find an abundance of wetland birds, and a similar abundance in avid birdwatchers each clinging to their binoculars with a distasteful look at us as we arrived-as though us youngins’ may scare away the precious birdlife. Continuing on, we checked out the Didgeridoo Hut, and later fuelled up at Noonaman (51.1L @ 158.7c/L). From here we headed south towards Litchfield, passing the ... read more
Magnetic Termite Mounds
Florence Falls
Tolmer Falls

Travelling from Lake Argyle to Keep River National Park was a short journey, however it took nearly 3 hours. No this wasn't the result of bad roads or heavy traffic, we crossed the state boundary into the Northern Territory and consequently lost an hour and a half. So with the day nearly gone there was just enough time for a walk into the Gurrundalng. This is the Aboriginal name for Keep River N P, and suits it much better I think. It's also the name of a beautiful blue/grey stork-like bird, many of which we saw in the park. Scrambling through rocky gullies and over wooded banks of woolly-butt trees we felt completely alone amongst this beautiful wilderness. The undulating cliff faces and sporadically placed palms seemed to stretch forever with no hint of human habitation. ... read more
Our Camp
Katherine's hot springs
Darwin...swimming anyone?

So we set off from Darwin early in the morning with our guide Debden. The bus was a converted 4WD lorry base with driver + 6 in the cab section & what was pretty much a minibus on the back. Strange thing! Today we headed out to Lichfield NP and the first stop was to admire the termite mounds. We saw the owering Catherdral Termite mounds, the eerie Magnetic Termite mounds - which all align north-south and look like gravestones and the Tree-Piping Termite mounds (at speed from the bus) which are built up around the bases of trees - these termites then hollow out the tree which the aborigines then cut down & turned into didgeridoos. Next stop was the Florence Falls where we couldn't swim in the plunge pool as it was too strong ... read more
Magnetic Termite mounds
Window on the Wetlands
Florence Falls

On Friday I got up early to join a tour to Lichfield National Park, which is a couple of hours drive out of Darwin. Our first stop was at the Adelaide River where we had breakfast and coffee, held a couple of snakes, and then went on a boat cruise up the river to spot crocodiles. This tour was a little different than ones I've done in the past, as these crocodiles are used to performing to get food. They swim straight towards the boat when they hear you coming, and the staff hold some meat from a stick and the crocs jump out of the water twice on each side before getting the meat. They are totally wild crocs but are quite used to the drill, and perform very well for maximum photo opportunities. There ... read more
Adelaide River

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